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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Long Overdue Post

A Very Long Overdue Post

Some of this post content were suppose to be posted afew days ago, due to life-issues i have not been able to update my blog regularly. Recently i have sustain re-injury of my left and right shoulder blades, which have caused excruciating pain and i have not been able to play GE properly. Have also been spending alot of getting it better :/

Recent sGE Events:

Interesting reads over the past week:

The Strongest Faction (poll)

- Intiguing how a small random "faction poll" can end up into a "mini" thread war, IMO (in my opinion) i don't find out the poll results affect gameplay or faction image so much. The poll was made in forums, i doubt everyone in each faction goes to surf forums everday, and forums do have mules which are also entitled a vote as well. Thus i don't understand how a small vote can spark off a "lets pvp in TDA" etc etc.
The Emptiest Bucket Makes the Most Noise

Splinter Theory:
The Failure Top/Big Faction Theory

This is a theory i have thought up of which derives from my 1st theory.
see: http://winexjy.blogspot.com/2010/02/topbig-faction-myths-and-facts.html

As i have explained before in my 1st theory "Another effect is, players join into bigger factions they aren't as strong but they potray themselves as extremely strong as there are stronger members within the faction; using being in a big faction as a threat/boasting point." This is the tell-tale sign of a player moving from the 1st theory to the 2nd one. The full theory i have come up is as followings:

Players join into bigger factions they aren't as strong but they potray themselves as extremely strong as there are stronger members within the faction; using being in a big faction as a threat/boasting point. Once that, they start to act like a "big-shot" in faction or outside, not necessarily within faction. They potray themselves as being an "important" which they are not or less important, they start to "forcefully" get close to higher-rank or stronger members of the faction by using means and ways called "sucking-up" or "boot-licking" and start to manipulate them by different means and ways. They also may/may not use higher rank members names to get what they want, or they start getting involve in faction issues which they aren't suppose to.

Once these actions fail or gets seen through, the person usually gets kicked or gets a nasty reputation within the faction.

This theory can happen anytime frame, does not mean only new memebrs, the actions may differ from member to member, but usually the actions all revolve around the ones stated or may differ slightly.

Fastest Master Character: Wizard

My wizard is the fastest master within the family which consist of 7 days afk from expert 1 to master 1. I used 1 CR 1 Shelter pass and the rest of the time afk at Peril Underground. Equipments are also the fastest to be obtained, finishing my staff in 15 minutes inclusive of +6 and 3Slots, mystic shoes/gloves as well.

After wizard project being completed, i have resumed my trooper project. Trying it to master it before my 30-day wings expire.

Thoughts about recent event....
Recently, i went over to TDA (teirra) for a 'look-see' trip to see what was happening and i went as usual with pvp lineup, just for fun... instead i was greeted with whitechat of trashtalk. Interesting thou how a mundane TDA session can turn out into a trash can session, very intriguing it seems that the trash talk made no sense. I refuse to release names, etc unless i have to. but........ v__v" huhwut at the TDA event.

My Current sGE Direction:
Losing interest in GE due to the following:

  1. Busy with Life
  2. Faction politics
  3. Too much trashtalk
  4. GE drama is too nice to watch than to be involved
  5. Nothing new now to raid/do
Currently; pretty much 99% afk, and 1% misison/circus. 100% skype/cellphone mode.

Next segment is my life, you can choose to stop here its non-ge related stuff.


My Search for the Best Japanese Curry Rice in Singapore:

^ Chicken Katsu (Cutlet) Rice
Liang Court (Clark Quay)'s Japanese Curry Rice, is the most tastiest authentic NON-packed japanese curry rice. The price is not that steep as well. ($10+ per plate + curry, $1.50 for additional curry)

Oh yes, i wiped the plate clean, the rice is also authentic japanese sushi rice, and it is not too oily, i stole Sabrina's Chicken Katsu and Llyse's rice as well as their extra left-over curry. I also ordered another serving of curry and soaked the whole entire plate in curry.


My 6 year unpacked room:

1st most powerful girl to ravage through my pile of trash: Sabrina. She managed to haul me out of my lazy ass to clean up my room which took around 10 hours, only too somewhat a 1hour rest and dinner, from 12noon - 10+pm. About 10+ bags of trash and 5-6 boxes of trash was hauled out of my room, we took almost 4 trips up/down from my house with 2 person holding trash just to dispose all my trash. At least now i am able to play GE in my own room, and have 2 tables to do my work, previously i had 3 tables full of random stuff splattered all over.

My room has not been packed for approx 6 years, congrats Sabrina you are the 1st. You deserve a medal.

^ Thats the amount of trash from my room >_> (the racket and chair are not trash)

Monday, March 22, 2010


Random Updates

Finally hitting family level of 46, after such a long time... pondering when i would hit 47 which would be my aim with a faction of +3 would achieve a max atk buff from family buff.

Wizard updates:

Wizard's progress so-far, its been around 6 days (current time of screenshot taken: 22th March 0451 GMT+8) and she is hitting masters in approx 1-2 day's time. She is currently the fastest character to hit masters in the shortest period of approx 1 week using 1 Shelter pass and 1 Chaos pass.

What is this?! I DID NOT make this room, and it sounds utterly wrong which is actually related to some random level 1 rod ive made to +7, i wanted to make it up to +8 but i realized the glow of +8 and +7 is hardly visible so i decided to keep it +7 just to used to buff incantation.

Took me quite a number of tries to achieve a +7, ive broken at least over 90 rods and i only gotten 1 to +7. Reason of using a level 1 rod is that it will be at the bottom of the inventory, since my inventory is full of rubbish, having to find a rod to be used to buff incation will be a chore. Since i do not use +7 items (only +6), it would be funny to have a +7 level 1 rod and equip it and run around for fun.

Yes i like the maid costume and dignite costume very much, but apperently currently my maid costume has been stolen from someone >_> now im left with dignite costume T.T sob sob. Currently still unable to get 3AR on my rod. :/ and now im not spending anymore money on GE. Chip supply will only come in via arsene and 2pm joquain barrier.

Saturday Event

Apperently, Novia spawned and was downed and an ELN (Elementalist) dropped and AS has gotten it. Congrats! I missed the event totally, was out with friends and went out instead. This is now the current state of both channels of Auch causing great amounts of lag, it will probably be removed only after thursday's maintainence. Great, more lag arg.

My life

Ive been extremely busy, been going out alot lately and coming home really late. Have not been able to update faction's Raid Points dude to being dead beat when i get home. Had some great food few days back (will post in further post), and i have come up with a splinter theory to my "Big/Top Faction Effect" (see previous post) and i will be blogging it down sometime in the afternoon later.

I am half-dead now and my eyes are closing, will be back with post later ^^

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Random Week Update

This past week or rather few days have been a rough time for me, having alot of stress on financial issues making me go crazy and lack of sleep drives me up the wall. Well, thanks Emmy, Llyse, Sabrina, Miko, Maki and other crackspadians for being there to hear me bitch and whine like a kid for like 2 days? lawl. Sleepless nights driving me nuts and making me extremely fustrated, cant practice guitar properly either and mua guitar teach is in China. Anyway....

Well, this week's colony war was a slight turnover with 2 colonies for VQ and 1 colony for Symbols at the end of the 2 hours of stressful fighting. Pretty tiring as usual, used around 8 Scs D:< 8M down the drain, piff war supplies are hella expensive. At least this week's cw was a major morale boost for most members in VQ as it has been awhile since we held more than 1 colony. Pretty action-packed war, didnt have time to play guitar when i died; thanks Oey for ur imba ressing you made a big difference haha.

After cw, the usual CR expwhoring camp time! This time Shelter CAUSE MAKI HAS ANGEL BUFF AND 7 DAY SHELTER AWESOMEEEEE. lol Oh yes 50% exp is awesome, and the atkspd and movspd helped in extra card farming, I managed to farm around 250 cards while getting around 3 hours of sleep (due to my stupid Vista PC having some problems). Managed to gain quite a fair amount of exp and 2.5levels of vet and 1.25level of expert.

During CR time, war broke out and well here's a challenge issued by LC. Uhm and yea they got cleaned, so... lol? Too bad i wasnt there for long ran around with my training characters and laptop crashed piff.

Been around 5-7days, 3:2 levels. Hoping to master in 3 -4weeks.

Food for thought:
Whats up with the cheapos around...?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life//Some ppl..

There are some people.. that have no brains and think they're the king of the world..
example: Internet Connection at Home 3meg, download at 2.xxmeg. What the rest of the family use? Are you Brainless/Stupid/Inconsiderate/Retarded/Douchebag... Pick one.

Friday, March 12, 2010

[Website Event] 11 Mar ~ 1 Apr: Show us your blog and shine like a star! 02 Mar 2010

[Website Event] 11 Mar ~ 1 Apr: Show us your blog and shine like a star!
02 Mar 2010

Show us how well you can write and shine like a star with Granado Espada!

From 11 March 2010 12.00PM ~ 1 April 2010 12.00PM, write about Granado Espada v4.1 in your blog and win a space (Top Banner) in Granado Espada website! And and.. You may even be selected to write for IAHGames.Com website!

Terms & Conditions:
1. Gamers have to send an email with the following information to
GSE@IAHGames.com by 1 April 2010 12.00PM:
- Account ID
- Family Name
- Server
- Country
- Active Email Address
- Contact Number
- Blog URL
- URL to the participating entry
2. Content of the blog entry has to be about Granado Espada v4.1.
3. Gamers may visit related Granado Espada websites for v4.1 information.
4. Late entries will not be entertained.
5. One person is only allowed to submit ONE entry.

Winner's Terms & Conditions:
1. Winner will be notified by email and will be given 2 weeks (starting from results' day) to submit the (size: 728px by 215px) banner (in PSD) with its link
2. Content in the external link provided must be related to Granado Espada. (It must not contain any explicit, vulgar, nudity, violent, etc content)
3. Banner will be up on Granado Espada main website for a month.
4. Late submission of banners and links will not be entertained.
5. IAHGames reserves the rights to modify the banner or reject the external link submitted.

New Website Event for IAHGames


General Updates on Winchesterx/My Life

Oh yes, projects are still on-going and im still finding new projects to keep my sGE busy, but there are lesser and lesser things for me to train up as i am getting pretty bored. Projects like Ania are on hold and Project C is currently in progress, pushing hard to complete this project as soon as possible.

2 days ago, project Llyse and Project Cath has reached completion; both hitting master and promoted. Next project would be combria trooper project as well as training another random character to master, which will take up to a month or more. Seeing the rate of afk for my GE life, it might take around 3-5 weeks.

Raids has been slow, everyone has been pretty busy with work/projects. Currently raids are only Infiltration and Arsene and solo 2PM Joquain Barrier. Reputation points are also going down quickly as everyone is busy and have no time to farm reputation. These 3 raids are the most profitable and take lesser amounts of time and effort with the exception of Infiltration.

Faction life has been quiet and ive been trying to cut myself away from work from faction, i want to go casual and stop spending on this game. I want to spend more time with non-pixel stuff like skype-time, enjoying my guitar lessons, outings with crackspada (sg branch) and basically doodling and more sleep. There has also been some incidents and issues within faction, my RP updating job has found another suitable person which i will be passing all documents and information over and start to go casual on GE, but raiding/cw i will still continue to attend if my resources allow.

Im mostly only active 3-4 hours a day in sGE raiding and chatting/MM-ing only. WAITING FOR 4.0 for extra motivation to continue!

My Life:
I have been pretty busy myself, going for Guitar lessons and random doodling infront of my laptop when i am bored. Been going out alot lately and lesser mood for GE due to being extremly tired from out with friends and lessons.

I have also hit a financial crisis (which only few people know about) which involve large sums of money which needed to be paid, and this has caused loss of mood to play GE, but my blog will still be updated with other stupid/funny stuff and some guides which i will be putting up during my free time.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Midnight Broadwar Drama

Colony War March 2010

Basically, we're fighting a losing war due to manpower shortages

Although fighting a losing war, the war must go on and there is still fun in cwing. Extremly tiring thou and taxing on my vis bank and supplies as well. Used around 17Scs, 1 Lucifer Wing (running low on gp didnt buy 3rd wing, used a flag instead).

Our last ditch effort.... Phail.

Friday, March 5, 2010

2nd Generation Old School Arsene

2nd Generation of Old School Character Arsene

Now, our generation chracters for arsene have evolved with the usage of Flintlock which increased the efficiency and speed of arsene, but nevertheless we have not forgotten the nolstalgic feeling of doing arsene with older characters faced out before the arrival of Flintlock arsenes.

1st Generation: Grandice/Scout/Ele/Fighters/Claude/Musketeer(Outrage)
On crummy e92s and level 100s. Experts/Veterns and few Masters

As the world of sGE evolves, us players constanly move forward, our armors and weapons get upgraded; new characters are trained & new costumes purchased and so on so forth. Thus our 1st generation arsene has been faced out, using old school characters to do a nolstalgic arsene has also taken its toll on changes, take example our armors have been upgraded 1 tier from 28DR armors to 29DR armors, non masters have been promoted to masters and costumes have been changed. My grandice was sold and now use fighter instead, Delkhaze has used a Hellena instead of her Elementalist but sadly there are no 2nd generation scouts. Family level has also risen, therefor it was no longer the good 'ol days where we struggled to finish each arsene, but nevertheless it was fun to revive the old days of our struggling arsene days.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Secret Guard

Secret Guard

A standard night before maintence...no cm, so i decided to train my Tiburon to level 60s so i can enter Island Of Fire to train up to level 100. Aside from that my other PC isn't used as well so i logged in my mule and farmed reputation while leveling my Tiburon.

I managed to secret guard up till maintence timing (10AM GMT+8), the rate of reputation i gained was 3characters all 3 level 51, gaining 902 rep (on average). 902 rep farmed for around 4hours odd. I ended up with around 1.7k reputation for around 6 hours.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guide: Joquain barrier 2PM

2PM Joquain Barrier: A Guide How-To (Solo)

This guide is test and proven to work and done with master characters.
This guide is only a guideline of what are the 2 methods i have tested and completed with but might not work for everyone as not everyone have the stipulated characters and are free to change to your fancy as long it does the same job for each stated character should be fine. The completion of the mission differs from each family due to the different usage of weapons and armors.

I will NOT be held liable if usage of my guide result in failure.
(This 2 methods have been used by me over 2 months and i have yet to fail a mission)

1st Step: Getting Ready!!!
Buffs: Hrin/Angel Buff/Intensify/Acceleration/Meditation/Magical Resist Potion
Armors: e92s (Elite Dragon Coat +5 w/ 3DR), (Elite Metallic Suit/Elite Bone Frame Armor +5 w/ 3DR)
Racial Weapons: (UD) Undead(!!), (LL) Lifeless(for mobs)
(!!) Important as boss is undead

My weapon arsenal: (all e92s/level 100s and +5)
1Fighter/2Musk: 1x UD GS, 1x LL GS, 2pairs of UD Pistols
3Musk: 2pairs of UD Pistols, 1pair of LL Pistols

An Overview Map of Joquain Barrier

Lineup: 1 Fighter(Hanging Guard)/2 Musks(Outrage Shot)

Strategy: Your 2 Musk will be the dps for the tower, while your fighter keep mobs away from them. You will require to constantly provoke to keep mobs & mini bosses away from your musks. Your fighter will be the main clearing of mini bosses and the advance scout to trigger traps and destroy turrets. Your musks will be constantly firing onto the colony, each colony should take maximum of 3-5 minutes inclusive of clearing of minibosses. After each colony, its advised to use dancing revolvers to clear flying mobs and other mob gangs before proceeding to next colony. Rinse and repeat for all 4 colonies.

Minibosses: Jobberwock Captains (Undead) or Dragon Head (Lifeless)
Your fighter will be able to quickly dispatch minibosses, especially dragonheads since they have block and your volation ignores blocks. Bullets would be blocked easily by dragon heads. These minibosses are able to be status with stun, mortal wound, paralysis, etc etc (See later musk guide)

The boss, Gullfaxi (stats shown below). At the boss fight, its highly advised to draw the boss out from the circle of turrets which the boss's spawn is surrounded by. Your fighter will be the major payload at this period of time. The stragegy is pretty easy, spamming pots and skills. Your musks will now take over the job of your fighter by using dancing revolvers to clear mobs around your characters while your fighter keeps the damage on Gullfaxi. Your musks pelting on bosses will also speed up the process of death. After the death of the boss, proceed into the circle to clear the last pillar. At this pillar its advised to park your musks at a corner which are less affected by the turrets while pelting onto the colony, your fighter's job would be clearing mobs as well as taking out turrets mainly ice, lighting & fire turrets which cause freeze, shock and burn will be extremely irritaitng the seige turrets are not as vital to take out as the other 3. Fighters on metal armor will be taking extra damage from ice/fire/lightning turrets as metal armors are more succeptible to magical attacks.

Middle Armor, which outrage shot will deal a lower amount of damage compared to Flintlock, but at this point of time your musk will be mainly aiding to clear mobs as well as aid in damage for Gullfaxi.

Lineup: 3 Musks(Outrage Shot)

Stragegy: As you can see, you do not have a tank to keep mobs off your musketeers, therefore it is essential to take out mini-bosses before proceeding to the colony. As seens as the picture above, the jobberwock captains are affected by mortal wound and fear, which would greatly aid in dispatching them. Once the minibosses are down, proceed to attack the colony while spamming dancing revolvers around to keep mobs from stacking and clearing them once in a while. The colony should go down faster than dual musks. Rinse and repeat for all 4 colonies. The dragon heads will take alittle more effort to take down as it has block and is able to block shots form your musks.

The boss will be slightly harder since its middle armored and will take less damage from your outrage shots. As you can see i have drawn the boss out, the strategy would be to continuously aim your shots at the boss as well as using desperados, i have managed to mortal wound it once but as you can see it is a boss and status will be harder to be afflicted. While casting desperados, occasionally cast dancing revolvers to clear away combs of mobs gathering and attacking your musks. After the boss is being killed, proceed into the last tower but before starting your attack on the colony do remember to clear the turrets around your musks which will greatly speed up your progress of attacking the colony. Occasional dancing revolvers will clear away mobs gathering around your musks as well.

100/96/92 chips, Pure Gold Bar, Level 100 items (?), Symbol of Capricornus
(?) I have recieved a Bracelet of Levi once from Gullfaxi, but im sure its very rare.

The common drops are 3x100chips and 1Pure Gold Bar, any extra loots are a bonus. Those 4 loots are the standard drops.

Speed Arsene: 4Minutes 50Seconds

2 Levis in 1 day, 1 Elite 1 Normal.... what a cold day.

Reputation Farming! (Thanks Maki)

Wednesday Wee-hours Reputation Farming

Recieve Your 10 Fallen Champion & 10 Valdamir Killing Quest Here!

Killing em! Each 10 gives you 16 rep 1 amber and 1 High Glazium


Here's one reason why you should eat and raid at the same thing. You get flying spoonzors.

We managed to farm around 400 Reputation for each person. Which can last uhm well... 4 days of infiltration. We need more spinelles!!! B> FC/Vald Spins

Thanks Maki for those spin donations thou!

Monday, March 1, 2010


MUSK RUSH KEKEKEKEKEKE, 6 minutes arsene with the use of invisible pots.
Lineup? 3 Musk 1 Brunie
Battle Plan?
Win goes fer Frost
Fufu goes for Emily
Maki goes for Celine
Llyse goes for... chest ._. (Vet Gs! hail llyse)

They were so fast, when i bugged hellena and reached frost they already killed emily and celine and opened the chest. D:

Met @ Mario room and commence rrrrrappppeeeeee!!!! When i reached Mario's room he was already at 50% im... slow...:/

The long alleyyy... invisible pots and met at the entrance, and CHIONG LERRRRRRRR towards arsene. Average timing it took: 4 bosses, 30seconds. Hellena, 5seconds. Arsene 1minute and less.

I wonder... how fast-er we can go if all 4 split up and attacked a different boss D: