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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chipping..... OTL

If your feeling sad about your chipping stats? Here's 2 items that were chipped by me, which i hope will make you feel better.....

1stly, Forest Whisper

34atk! 23SP!! 90% Huma- wait... 37% human...... 90% Daemon........
Man if the human and daemon swapped, it would be hell of a staff with the 3x attack as well as the now-very-important SP boost of 23%

15 Def! 21% HP!! Eh wait.. where's the 3DR..........

Yes.. this is how bad my chipping luck is...........

Path of 4.5 (WAYY overdue post, again)

Holy Water Chamber Main Questline

The usual bug, which did not reconize Emilia the Sage. Thank goodness i kept and made a normal Emilia back during the Hellena days (which was also bugged when it was first released).

Killing mobs, FYI the spiders ARE level 120. At first i thought they were low level spiders then halfway through the boss then i realized they were high level ones and the web was annoying. So please.. kill them first before engaging the boss.

Up close stats on the boss (note the spiders are not dead).
Melee characters are not very advised here as the boss constantly moves back due to the range of the boss's attack and chasing it down with your melee can prove to be a pain, as well as your musketeer will constantly get out of range.

After the first boss is down, next one to go! (The next one is waaaayyyy more irritating than the first one).

This boss has a irritating debuff that renders your character unable to move/attack/pot, so therefore progressive health fillers are important if your character hp depletes fast.

Note the sudden green chat, yes. I have been invited back into faction at THIS time ._. which was an epic bad timing i was potting nonstop while the notification popped up. I could only take the screenshot when i got knocked back after potting up my health.

Boss-ing Essential Tips:
1st boss is human, 2nd is Daemon.
Mind Resist Pots, very important which lowers the change of being debuffed.
Hrin Pots
Triumph Fillers, help to bridge the AR/DR of yours and the boss's if needed
Progressive Health Fillers, can save a character that is being affected by the debuff. Select an undebuffed character and use a filler!

Reckless Emilia Recruitment Quest

Bossing Tips:
-Place your characters as far away as possible from each other, the room is extremely small thus her large aoe will affect both characters even though it is only targeted at 1 character if your characters are placed too closely together.
-Use Mind Resistant Potions, as wizard skills require high mental resist to prevent getting debuffed! Use them!
-Bring a resser to ress Jean (if you've decided to omit him from the fighting party and leave him dead) after killing Emilia, you will need Jean to talk to her to finish the quest. (If you want to save up on SCs and you have a fighting capable resser)
- Watch the time! If you are not confident, using hrins and tf will greatly help, I didnt use hrins (broke).
- Her race is human, so i believe most pvpers will be extremely happy.

Reckless stats, and yes.. my reckless emilia is called emolia.

Reckless up close and personal.

New, Arsene's Secret Vault Raid

We did not complete the quest, due to a lack of tankers and our hellena died in 3rd room.
A master hellena on elb would be the most suitable and alot of aoe is needed in the mobbing room as the mobs spawn at a very fast speed and your need tankers to keep them off your hellena.

We have yet to complete the quest till date, we will be planning another trip down to the secret vault to attempt to complete it again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where do i go now? // 4.5 Finally....

Where Do I Go From Here?

Factionless again.... Crackspada members have finished our haitus and have decided to go our own ways. Where do i go from here?... Small faction? Stay factionless? Back to symbols? Quit the game? Where do i go?.... Who Knows (again)....

4.5? Finally...

Manual Patch (4.5) or Full Client

Finally its out on the 24th June, although not the full release patch details have been released but still finally the long awaited 4.5 has been released. Finally there would be new content and new raids to try out, and new quest to finish. Seems interesting, but as usual when the patch is complete... new problems will arise! Same old same old.... We shall see on Thursday when its out. I'll probably only get home around midnight and try it only after emergency maintenance and some major problems are rectified. (Downloading the manual patch now though, dont want to wait for the automatic patching ~_~)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Empty, as always

Empty Vessels Makes the Most Noise, Especially In Bulks. They're like a orchestra of empty vessels, when alone and beaten... what happen to the noise? D:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Isit the end?

Will this be the end of my sGE story? Might be moving on to another game soon, will i stay or will i move on?... who knows... maybe 4.5 will tell....

sGE has been becoming boring, nothing new and interesting to do. Afk-ing is becoming a chore and thats the only thing that can be done in GE, no new raids, the old ones are already dominated by the big 4. The game has become stale, with nothing new same old thing, different day. The only action lies in the 2 hour of every Sunday.

Should i stay, or should i not....