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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

9Minute arsene fastest recorded arsene so far done with 5 minutes and killing ALL mobs.
3flinters1scout1ele. NEXT AIM 5 MINUTES!!!!ONEONEONE!!!

Infiltration once again! another aqua!!!! 50M sweeet 50M!.
/headdesks.. drools.. sleepy...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Commonly used sGE MEMEs

Today, i'll be touching on commonly used memes that are used among our group and faction.


This is a commonly used warcry during arsene/raids. As you know Inanna is the godess of fertility and we have done few raids with Inanna, the drop rate is higher than normal we have gotten a Elite Black Dragon Recipe and several Glacial Crystal Recipes with her, thus she is our mascot of goodwill and we have been using her name as a lucky charm.


This meme is derived from the meme "zerg rush kekekeke" and from frost's first trigger message which includes "kekekekeke" and now is commonly used in our conversations.


This Is _____

This meme is derived from "This is spartan" and "This is patrick" which is a 4chan image relation. Thanks fufu for posting the image location fer me.

Cool Story, Bro
“Cool Story, Bro” is a popular catch phrase / image macro used as a sarcastic response to to thread posts, trolls and general comments that are deemed boring, pointless or just too long to read (abstract from knowyourmeme.com)

Son, I Am Dissapoint
A recent 4chan exploitable image macro. Son does something — father is disappoint. (Abstract from knowyourmeme.com).

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

This is just plain retarded way of saying "gogogogogo!" or "RUSHHHHHH!".

Falcon Punch!!!
It is the cure to all pregnancy problems and is a power packed punch!!!ONEONE!! Do not try this at home or on anyone!!


ASDF Movie Related memes (refer to lower videos)
"I Baked You a Pie!", "Oh Boy! What Flavour?", "PIE FLAVOUR"

Personal MEMEs mostly used by me
I Like Trains
D: face (In Real Life Related)

These 3 MEMEs are asdf movie & asdf movie 2 related.

Im Nurse Joy Bitch!
Uhm.. well this is personal related as well. I work as a nurse in a hospital, and my name is jy, so Nurse JxY aka, nurse joy rofl. So yea they cause me nurse joy, and i go "im nurse joy bitch" for fun.

More to come... too many can only remember these at the moment.

Friday, February 26, 2010

What is... Crackspada?

Crackspada, this word appears on my blog alot i guess. Ive decided to do up a post regarding the "meaning" of it.

Basically, Crackspada is a group of people from all different countries that share a common humor and have similar aims in sGE. We consist of different faction players (for now), there are still members of Crackspada that are non "Crackspada" Faction in sGE. We are a very big family that looks out for each other, care of each other, giving advise and helping in anyway we each can for another. Most of crackspada members are old pioneers of GE, so far it seems im one of the newer ones that joined. We are constantly on skype as well, actually more like everyday... its a place where anything and everything goes, we can chat about each other's lives to GE to the moon etc etc trust a crackspada memebers to be extremely random.

Here is the crackspada skype window, usually clocks up to average of 100-4000 messages if your not online for 24 hours.
Highest recorded of backlog messages is currently standing at around 8000-9000

It used to be an extremely lively Groupchat, but due to work/studies/money issues many have left and become less active. Most members of Crackspada are approached by Inanna to join and not anyone can join this Group since alot of players are overly-egoist, overly-proud and being a duchebag. This GC(groupchat) is mainly Les members because the founders of this GC are from Les, thus most of Les members have joined. Due to the low activity rate of Les, the faction has been reformed into "Crackspada Faction" with Delkhaze as current Faction Leader and will be accepting males into the faction, but only via personal invites and personal references ONLY. Since most of the members want to keep the "sanity" of this group, meaning not accepting those "high and mighty i-so-strong" players or those botting asshats neither do we want douchebags.

Crackspada members are into LULz, meaning into alot of fun, chatting and interaction instead of doing the "routine SSDD" (Same Shit Different Day) most of us are willing to have fun doing intense tasks instead of simple ones, eg, we did a 60 minutes angie arsene which we could have done a 20 minute flintlock arsene but wheres the fun in that? Most of the raids consist only the "baseline" charactes eg, infiltration: 1 tanker, musks. The rest are mostly random characters that you fancy, example nar etc etc. Same to arsene, you may bring a vet1 Emilia The Sage why not? Isnt a game for you to have fun? We're all into that, fun, laughter, jokes, stupid stuff, meetups, VOIP (Voice Over IP) basically phonecalls over skype, raids, random CWs and alot of other things.

My Life In Crackspada:

Status of me before crackspada:
Faction:Symbols, PURELY afk, goes to cw for the sake of going, no idea how to raid due to some idiot that promised to teach but instead did not. I wanted to be a low-profile unknown player. Planning to quit soon.

Jun-July Flashback
I first met Inanna and chatted to her was because of some issues i had back in GE, started chatting and met once at icafe with Delkhaze for CW but we didn't chat much. The week later she asked me out for Lunch/Dinner with a Community Crew meetup in Orchard. After the meetup, she asked me to join sGE GC, which i did and made alot of friends from there. Joining crackspada it changed my total persepective of the game, doing new stuff with them, new aims, more lively chats friends and all. They supported me to go where i wanted to and helped me there.

Status of me after crackspada:
Faction:VainQueurs™, had a aim in GE i could forfill my dreams in GE althought i had to give up my aim of being a low-profile unknown player.

Without crackspada, there wouldn't be a Winchesterx left ingame and this blog would not be exsisting.

Within crackspada there are many "personal" and well know memes that circulate and used very commonly example. "GET IN CAR" etc etc which can be found at knowyourmeme site. Well, i will continue the next post with crackspada memes and nicks on the next post!

Image Source

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Stuff I have in my photobucket

Really random stuff i have collected in my Photobucket. LUL

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

Yes, they are epic random.
More to come....

Dick botters with running AI+ Autoloot and whatever whatever etc etc the full package

Especially botters

This post is a flaming pots, and i urge you not to continue if you are highly succeptible to anti-botting/cathbot/jailbird posts, if not anti-botters! ARM YOUR FLAMETHROWERS

All names removed for "PRIVACY" purposes.

Here is a classic example of a Running AI Botter near KOG spot Peril UG, with autoloot, extended range and running everywhere ks-ing everyone without giving a damm. These are the asstards who think they own the whole place. Fuck you running dicks. Go run in your damm Zeia bot land and don't disturb others afking in peace in their own spots. They don't have any shame ks-ing others in Peril UG where most people are afking peacefully in their own spots. If you want to use your damm running AI go zeia, where few afk there except those running everywhere with AI. This is where, i feel like making a solo faction to kill all those damm running ksing/botters in Peril UG/Bahama AT. Oh too bad most of them don't have the balls to join a faction or stay on a side.

Look at him fly around like a retard, if your interested in running AI, please go to Zeia the land of shining botters/active playing players. So what if you bot alot, your characters are all masters and you have extremely high family levels? What do you prove? That your a bigger botter? Dude spacebar is enough, and i do see quite alot of players are using auto-keep which in my opinion is still better than ks-ing others with ur running shit, cath/jack/angie shits and your skilling stupids. Auto-keep helps both side of the party i guess, if you don't get lured around you wouldn't follow mobtrains etc etc, but most people i know using AIs they're discreet and don't go around ks-ing others or SHOWING others they're using it. Botting people in Peril UG running around good luck, i don't sleep early and i have shift jobs, i WILL REPORT YOU IF YOU BOT-KS :D

If your offended by this post id say.. READ THE RED CAUTIONARY SIGNS IDIOT, AND THEN GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A PENCIL IN THE NOSE. I didn't force you to read this post so bugger off ^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A PVP Battle

A Duel Battle StormsRider and Teroh
StormsRider posed in Auch 1 with Tag !!Open For Duel and !!Only Wiz Ele Scout.. so stuck up oh well. Enjoy the video

All credits to Maki

This is a classic example of a typical "Top Faction" behaviour, posing in town and challenging others to duel "showing off" their strengths and taunting others with " ONLY WIZ ELE SCOUT" etc etc

The Empty Pail Makes the Most Noise, my friends.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Today's Circus Agenda?

Oh yes, we got mixed up on who was bringing scout and who was going to dps, so instead we just decided to all bring scouts. 5 scouts, each buffing different level 12 buffs. The arsene took approx 37 minutes. Only 2 deaths recorded, and no Soul Crystals used lol.

Emily's room of dagger-rape

Spot the scout(s)

Massive stabbing action


This is NurseJoy!

Step 1: Hold Dagger Firmly, and be ready to stab the enemy's face

Step 2: Get ready and swing arms behind and get ready for epic thrust towards the enemy

Step 3: Thrust hard and fast towards the enemy, you may take afew steps back before charging and thrusting the dagger into the enemy.

Now comes the most important of all! Using your sexy legs!




Please do not try this at home, other than on a pixel. I will not be held liable for any injuries caused. I hope you enjoyed this lolwtfbbq post.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Top/Big Faction Myths and Facts!

Some Facts and Myths of Top/Big Factions
My belives and thoughts

Well, im not a defensive stance against my faction or anything since i am in a big faction or rather a competitive faction. This is some myths and facts i see in my faction and other factions or rather from 3rd party comments i have recieved over from my Symbols till VQ stay.

-All top/big faction members are strong and pros.
Myth, to a certain extent!! Being in a big faction dosen't mean your strong, true there are members within that are strong; not all thou! But there are members who are affect by this "Big/Top Faction Effect", which not-so-strong players think that they are extremly strong because they are in a group of stronger members and start to duel newbies, get proud and start trashtalking.

-All top/big faction memebrs are proud and rude.
Myth, to a certain extent! Not all top/faction members are rude and stuck-up, there are some who are but not all. There are few who are have the mind set of "Im in top-fact, im pro, i be stuck up and proud", don't allow few rude apples affect your image of all members!

-All top/big faction memebrs are botters.
Myth, NOT all are botters althought there are a extremely high percentage of members do bot alot, but do not sterotype all; there are at least a handful are not using bots.

-All top/big faction memebrs Over-Price/Under-Price alot.
Myth, its human nature to want to buy things at lower prices and sell them at higher prices. Thus it dosent mean being in big faction means that we always OP/UP it happens everywhere.

-All top/big faction have a certain stress.
True, being in a big faction has its pressures to raid/pvp/keeping up with the moving trend of items equipment, being top takes alot of work, having to keep up has alot of stress.

-All top/big faction memebrs have a big ego.
True/Myth, depends how you see the situation. A member being in top faction can see it has "IM STRONG" or a member can just see it has just "another" faction/family. So its subjective not all members in top factions have a big ego.

-All top/big faction memebrs have a "special previlage" in game.
Myth, top/big faction memebrs are still players, they may spend alot of money/time/gpoints; but they DO NOT have special previlages. Unless a insider person works under IAH etc, which has happen previously before.

**Explanatory Section**
The "Top/Big Faction Effect" Theory
There are members in a smaller factions, they progress into a larger faction as time pass and once they join into larger factions their attitude change. They become stuckup, stronger (not all cases), they detach away from old friends and forget that they were once a new player as well. This is a very undesired behaviour from players, i have seen afew cases. We must all be humble players and making more friends :D

Another effect is, players join into bigger factions they aren't as strong but they potray themselves as extremely strong as there are stronger members within the faction; using being in a big faction as a threat/boasting point.

Feel free to leave comments about question or you find have opinions do let me know, i'll add them on and answer them at the best i can.

Project Run-away

Especially botters

This post is a flaming pots, and i urge you not to continue if you are highly succeptible to anti-botting/cathbot/jailbird posts, if not anti-botters! ARM YOUR FLAMETHROWERS

[Parential Guidance Required due to Language Use]

Here is our fun bot-kser, who is active yet ks on purpose.

Firstly, i reported him. He took some time to reply so it seems he's afk-botting. Definately on cath-bot and auto-looting. So i talked in white, saying he's a botting CC, since they are proclaimed as anti-botting community crew etc etc. So he didnt budge, well after a few minutes i summoned Valds on him. He didn't die, so obviously he was on auto-pot as well, i used around 10-16 spinelles on him, no budging just getting bounced around persistantly summoning dolls. After a few minutes(probably came back), he started luring them to other afk-ers. So apperently it got out of hand, and i went to kill the loose valds and stopped summoning.

Summary/My Opinion:
There were other spots around, and why using a cath bot park on other's spots? I have also gotten feedback from some others that he has been doing the same. Well, there are irritating people that use the "running AI" which continues to run and target mobs and loots, if you are killing slightly slower and mobs start to crowd around, they fly in and start ksing you. Happens alot in Zeia i guess, those are "undeliberate" but still extremly fucked up and irritating. Usually they "by pass you" once they target onto another mob far away, or you can lure them away. For non-running AIs etc cath/jack botters which are stationary, they usually don't ks much they go far away build and well get out of sight, less reporters. For our asstard here, he parks ontop of you. What does this show? I have concluded with 10 highly possible reasons why after speaking with other victims.

The next 10 lines are extremly insulting please exercise caution and if you are unable to take extremly prejudice comments, i urge you not to read on even if you are curious as what i have concluded.

#1 He has a small pixel-peen/pixel-ego; he constantly need to show off his "powers/strengths" by out-ksing you with his characters.
#2 Has no respect for other players, or rather in curder terms, his momma aint teaching him manners.
#3 He's a pure dick, he just is a dick, born a dick, has a dick, dosen't know how to use his dick, his brain is a dick.
#4 Rude, he dosen't know people he's rude, so he has to show it off in actions to let others know he's a rude person without any proper education.
#5 He isn't getting enough from his boyfriend(highly possible due to signiture/avatar posts in sGE forums that are puke material) and is venting them on you.
#6 He's attempting to prove his "man-hood" due to him being gay, that he proves it through his actions in game.
#7 He dosent have a brain or he's blind, smpliy put it he dosent see other players or he is unable to compute that "spot is taken".
#8 He's a loser in life, has to only able to out-ks others instead of winning others in raids, pawning others in PVP or even just unable to make friends.
#9 He's lonely and wants to park with you, and maybe he can imagine and fap to your anger and little dolls run around you like little pixies.
#10 He has a mindset of a 1 year old baby, as a baby you are the center of the world, everything revolves around you and everyone has to attend to you once you cry/hungry/urgent. As babies grow older, they learn that they are not the central of the Universe and slowly learns and get matured. Well he didnt, so yea...

This is 10 conclusion i have come up with, well i might be wrong, but its just my conclusions, i went away from the spot after he started luring them away. I broaded to provoke him and he still refused to move, so well. Im not that narrow-minded so i went for another spot. Oh well, more things to do at 4am in the morning for me before i sleep haha.. Maybe i should put up a bounty haha. Well, anti-botters do report him if you see him!

Question: Are you are deeply affected by this post, you are feeling sore and you feel like punching my face?
Yes? READ THE RED CAUTIONARY SIGNS IDIOT, AND THEN GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A PENCIL IN THE NOSE. I didn't force you to read this post so bugger off ^^
No? Well, thats good :D
Neutral, luzly? Yea its just 2 cents, dun bother, just read and forget lolololol haha

sGE Scammer on the loose

OfTheOdd in sGE has been trying to sell his DHR and selling/buying characters to scam your vis and merc cards.

I tested him, he HAS a DHR. He will show it to you and click "OK", then he will pm you for a slightly higher off eg, i offered 300m, he said to deal. After he i put up 300m he cancels trade and asks for 310m and puts a Dragon hunter bayonet recipe. So do check before you trade!

As for the merc cards, its the same theory. Except he cancels trade for i-dont-know what reasons, and gives u a infantry card etc for your deposit for his merc.

Banhammer!! // Suggestive is Suggestive (Parental Guidance Adviced)


I have blanked out the last part of the website so not to cause curiousity-killed-the-cat.
Duder PMs and broads this; after approx 5minutes.....

GMs, good job! :D

Apprerently this guy has been using multiple accounts to broad such websites over a spam of 2-3 days. There was another broad with a phone number clamining to sell vis, it seems to be a Singapore-based organization as the phone number broaded had (+65) which is the Singapore country code for telephone numbers. Seems the vis farmers and hardcore botters are back, i remember back when i just started there were truckloads of botters everywhere with catherines and people selling vis everywhere. Nevertheless, i believe this person would re-make another account to start broading his advertisments soon. I hope nobody goes to his site! Might have spyware etc etc definately unsafe.

The next post may contain images/text that are not appropriate for minors or children and may be offensive. Please read at your own risk!
I will not be held liable for any brain-damage or destruction/loss of innocence.

Parent Guidance is Adviced

Suggestive is Suggestive :P [PG]
(Parental Guidance Adviced)

These Screencaps are from 2am Joquain Barrier.
Suggestive text is suggestive haha.

Well, if you are not getting the joke. I urge you not to prod further for your own sanity of your mind. :D Innocence is rare nowadays, you should keep your mind that way if your not getting the screenshots above. Oh, before i forget to add on... this text will be shown when the "sotongs" or Briathians (i dont know how to spell them), they are know was "sotongs" as they have tenticles and look like a sotong. Example of a sotong:
Sotong+monsters+coming+male+female=?????? (insert imagination)

sGE commonly used Abbreviations Part 2:

This is the 2nd guide, on locations and other misc/random abbreviations used in sGE.


Room of the Dead: Located 3rd Floor of Skullic Dungeon, requires a key. chance to get viscount ring for Grandice(RNPC)

Al Quelt Moreza: Raid for Dilos

Port of Coimbra: Town that leads to Bahia Beach/Ustiur

Old Port of Coimbra

Island Of Fire

King's Garden: Leads to La Tierra del Amor PVP map

La Tierra del Amor: Within republicans will fight royalist and occupy colonies, the winning side will gain Experience buff for 20% for 2-3hours. Once buff fades families would need to re-enter to renew buff

Frozen Plain: Hunting area for Elmorc

Gate of Flame: Instanced mission for Lavaleaf

Gate of Lightning: 2 Levels of maze that leads of Einwind

Ice Wizard Tower: Has 5 levels, raid for Novia

Katovic Snowfield: Hunting area for Elmorc

Ancient Territory/Skullic Ancient Territory/Bahama Ancient Territory

Forgotten Territory

Chaos Sacred Requiem/Sacred Requiem: New dungeon for training to masters/high masters. Hunting area for Sacred Gate Keeper.

Bahama Peril Underground Cave Channel 1/2/ Peril Channel 1 /2
Bahama Marshland Underground Cave Channel 1/2 /Marshland Channel 1/2

Misc (All timings are in GMT+8)


Colony War

Team Arena/Team Arena 2000; 3 character TA, Team Arena 2300; 1 character TA

Poison Yard (1200,1930,2130)

Battle Collisuem (1200/1900/2100)

Secret Temple (1200/2000/2200)

Buying/Selling/Trading/Price Check

Damage Per Second

Hits Per Second/Home Premium Service

Attack Speed

Move Speed



Attack Rating/Defence Rating

Critical Rate

Experience/Stance Exp

Player vs Player/Player vs Environment

Area of Effect

Reputation Points

Kill Steal

Breakers means diegos/angies/jack builders that have very high hits/second to destroy colony fast.

Will update again anything i missed out or question feel free to leave a comment! Thanks :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

sGE commonly used Abbreviations Part 1: Items & Equipmets.

Ive decided to post up a abbreviation guide, but i will try my best not to use Abbreviations in my blog, but as you can see most of the time i blog at midnight/past-midnight and my brain may not be functioning well and might forget and type in short-form. Sorry in advance and thanks for the feedbacks! :D

20Feb- Added boss descriptions & some bosses added. There are some still missed out.

I have added this post to the "GE Information/Guides" section on the right for easier browsing!!


Panfilo the Battlecook

Emilia The Sage

Soho The Wind

Idge The Battlesmith

Adelina The Pirate


Sacred Gate Keeper: Spawns at Chaos Sacred Requiem

King of Greed: Spawns at Bahama Peril/Marshland Underground Cave

Frogfish: Spawns randomly at Bahama Peril/Marsh/Darkness

Queen Eater:

Golden Bat: Spawns at Caphbara Plantation and drops key for Hellbreaker

Hellbreaker: Drops Old Journal 10

Undertaker: Spawns at Culverts, required to be killed to enter Zeia

DreamBlade Antelope:

Brain of Argus: Enter from Teirra Putrefacta

Bellboy of Merlin: Porto Bello's Desolate Cliff, drops silver hammer for summoning of Vergo



Enhancement Boosters: Used to Increase Enhancement %

Mystery Powders: Used for Quests/Stance Books/Character Recruitment

Triumph Fillers: +1ar/dr for 10 minutes

Soul Crystal

High Quality Sapphire

High Quality Ruby

High Quality Emerald

Dragon Heart Recipe

Elemental Jewel: Sold/Bought for 10M each from Item Dealer

Market Manager

Snail Skin: Used for crafting 32AR Serpent Series

Old Chess Piece: Used for crafting 32AR Chess Series

Growth Stone: Sold to Feso Merchant for 100k Feso per G.stone

Magical Amethyst: Used to craft Silver/Gold Earrings, Belts/Leather Belts/Garim Belts

Liquified Gas
: Used to craft Silver/Gold Earrings, Belts/Leather Belts/Garim Belts

Old Journal 10: Used for quest to recieve Lightning/Fire Orbs


The "r" behind means recipe; etc: ESAr (means Elite Schavarlier Armor Recipe)

Elite Le Noir: 32DR Leather Armor

Elite Schvarlier Armor: 30DR Metal Armor

Elite Le Blanc: 30DR Leather Armor

Le Noir: 29 DR Assorted Armors

Elite Metallic Suit: 28DR Metal Armor aka e92

Elite Rescue Suit: 28DR Leather Scout Armor aka e92

Elite La Ventisca: 28DR Coat Elementalist Armor aka e92

Elite Dragon Coat: 28DR Coat Musk Armor aka e92

Elite Pandera Jacket: 28DR Wizard Armor aka e92

Elite Bone Frame/Ellite Bone Frame Armor: 28DR Leather Fighter Armor aka e92
(Same Item)

Le Blanc: 27DR Assorted Armors Level 100


32AR Weapons
Queen Sword: 32AR Chess Series Sword

King Sword: 32AR Chess Series Great Sword

Phantom Guard: 2DR Shield (Requires DHR to Craft)

Elite Grim Wraith: 32AR Sword

Serpent Polearm: 32AR Serpent Series Polearm

Serpent Javelin: 32AR Serpent Series Javelin

Forest Whisper: 32AR Staff

Glacial Crystal: 32AR Rod

Black Bishop: 30AR Chess Series LOE Bracelet (w/ in Built Mental Attack)

White Bishop: 30AR Chess Series LOE Bracelet (w/ in Built Elemental Attacks)

Black Dragon/Black Dagger: 30 AR Rifle Level 100 Rifle/ 32AR Chess Series Dagger

Serpent Rifle/Serpent Revolver: 32 AR Serpent Series Rifle/ 32AR Serpent Series Pistol

Elite Back Dragon: 32 AR Rifle

Elite Daemon Slayer: 32 AR Great Sword

E.Silver Xbow
Elite Silver Crossbow: 32AR Crossbow

Elite Bracelet of Ziz/Behemoth/Levithan: 32AR Elemental Bracelets

30AR Weapons/e92/Level100s

Desert Storm/Daemon Slayer/Daemon Sword: 30AR Level 100 Pistol/Greatsword/Sword (w/ in Built 20% to Daemons)

Silver Striker: 30AR Level 92 Pistol (w/ in Built 20% to Undead)

Elite echo of Steel: 30AR Level 92 Pistol aka e92

Wave of Steel: 30AR Level 92 Rod aka e92

Elite Dragon Tooth: 30AR Level 92 Blunt aka e92

Crystal Shooter: 30AR Level 92 Rifle

Used & Enhanced with guidelines from: http://forum.iahgames.com/ge/showthread.php?t=59847

I will continue to post up location guides etc & add on forgotten items to this part. Hope it helps!

Another random WTFBBQLOL fail/lol chat SS session


Maki's LOLI Confession


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guide to Mastering

I havent been blogging for few days due to CNY period. Well, im back and less tired from all those flying around for visitation. Decided to do a guide to mastering. Well its subjective, yea you can do your own way of leveling up; but for me this is one of the fastest method to master up. Paytard/Semi-Paytard/Non-Paytard Method. The paytard method is well... the fastest so far but the semi-paytard dosent cost as much either. Well but the FASTEST way in GE to get to masters is the botting method, which includes sleepless nights answering bot reports and catching rats. BUT yes its the fastest way zeia 24/7 earns a shit load of vis as well. Well, but for me i level the "semi-paytard" method, you don't see me flying everywhere in Zeia and i so far havent been to disney land nor do i want to go there. My guide starts from Vet levels, levels before that i believe the fastest method is via plevel.

Non-Paytard (2-3 Months at Least)
Levels 1-100
1-60 : (plevel) at Bahia Beach
60-100: (plevel) at IOF Zone 2-3

Levels 100-110

100-105: Via Fluvial
105-110: Deprimida Valley

Levels 110-120
110-105: Swamp of Peril (Beware of Potholes)
105-110: Swamp of Peril Underground Cave

Semi-Paytard Method (Completed Using 1 HPS Only) (1-2 Months)
Levels 1-100
1-60: (plevel) at Bahia Beach
60-100: (plevel) at IOF Zone 2-3
Levels 1-100 (HPS Average)
1-100 at Forgotten Territory (Tetra Ruins/Porto Bello/Torsche/Prison)

Level 100-110 (HPS Average)

100-110 at Ancient Territory (Skullic)

Level 110-120 (HPS Average)
110-115 at Ancient Territory (Bahamas)
116-120 at Bahama Peril Underground Cave

Paytard Method (1 Month +)
Levels 1-100 (HPS Average)
1-100 at Forgotten Territory (Tetra Ruins/Porto Bello/Torsche/Prison)

Level 100-110 (HPS Average)

100-110 at Ancient Territory (Skullic)
Spam 1000 Vet B (Refer to lower portion)

Level 110-120 (Chaos Requiem)
Level 110-120 at Tierra Putrefacta Chaos Sacred Requiem
Spam 2000 Vet B (Refer to lower portion)

(Farm Vet B Cards)
Each 100 : 1 Vet Level : 50% of 1 Expert Level
Thus, Vet 1 - Vet 10 100% = 1000 Vet B Cards
Expert 1 - Expert 10 100% = 2000 Vet B Cards

The highest amount of Vet B Cards farmed via solo 3x Characters is 225 on 1 CR Pass.
Sleeping 2-2.5hrs and collecting cards for 24 hours.

This is a rough guide to leveling to masters. I have not levelled any characters to High Master, which i am unable to make a guide for it.

All Durations are counted as 24/7 afk (except maint), 24 hour cm and 3 characters, and is an estimate due to usage of Melee chars, range characters, spot parking, being ksed or other factors.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grey Goose makes all ur sorrows go away.

Another sappy bday, grey goose, makes it all go away.

Happy 21st birthday to myself.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

MAKI nouuuuuuuuu why would you do that to me (lol)

"Supposingly" A 2 man garim became a 1 man garim! Maki nouuuuuuuuuu~
Here is a maki^

Here is a no-maki^

Managed to down alone, using 2 Black lolipops, 2 Mystics, 1 Hrin.
Drops were 5 92chips, 4 100chips, 1 Daemon Slayer, 1 Ecamisa Recipe, 1 Elite Mystic Knife, 1 Garim Skin, 2 PGB.

4M for 2 seals. (1st one wasted due to dc)
2 Mystics (3m)
1 Hrin 10H (10m)
2 Seals (4m)


5x92 chips (2.5m)
4x100chips (4m)
1 Daemon Slayer (2m?)
2 PGB (500k)
Garim Skin (10m)

19M-17M = ???? = PROFT!!!!!

KNEELING pewpewpepwpew

Today, i did arsene with my mule, apperently my whole Arsene life, ive never gotten much 32ar wep/ 30dr armor. Today i decided to do it with mule, and instantly, ESAr dropped. We've gotten 3 GCr, 1 EBDr thats all ,_, oh well earned 80m, and i got a Capricorn from a random Constellation box, sold it to llyse for 50m. Got 3 panfilo cards from ABS -____- and a LN(scout) - recipe from Circus chest. nobody needed it so.... Sell! rofl.

Random LUL Kneeling shot can actually work!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nar loves basket ball! Proof Included! + AQUA

Well, i believe that Nar loves basketball. Why? Because firstly he is extremly tall, and extremly buffed and his skill merciless is a slam dunk move!

As seen on the left, he flies into the air and dunks his cresent(ball) onto the enemy's head(hoop). Thus i believe he is a basketball playa.

More clear evidence of him dunking enemies with his giant cresent.

Infiltration! FINALLY Aquarius


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crackspada Arsene Vidddeeeeooo

This is the first video made by maki, its awesome lol. Enjoy!

Mapletards... wait what? sGEtards

Cautionary Warning:
If you are prone to flaring at flames & rants, please do not continue to read this post. You are reading at your own risk.

Here are sGEtards replying others in sGE forums.

No need tanker , 3 fl will do =). Those noobs will never experience raid , just give them some diablo maybe also fly lol

Sorry ,we rich enough that y can pump weapon and raid you too noob and poor that y can click only . I can raid and i can click , and when you can tank novia or brain? wait in ur next life bah

I doubt you can enter brain of argus room once alone

i so scare her leh, the atp spacebar can die one

You stay in forum and act like a pro ok? Amazing player

You guide very the chui leh, want me to bring you to Novia/sekhmet and mufasa/boa to improve your guide? those guide outdated even a new comer in 2 weeks can do those guide already

I think you fix for yourself bah, don`t be upset cause a lot people shoot you for acting smart act pro when you ain`t at all. You gotta admit you are nothing

Really meh you so rich what can spam abs leh we poor one, if i get your that sabre stat a i happy until i can forget about rechipping forever

don`t like that lah , that stat of her sabre was my dream stat

Your post count 2k +++ sia, like a pro , you from which faction? NATO? Wah NATO is one of my dream Faction

Cause she need to go dictionary.com and get advice on what to input mah we don`t need, don`t mind lah slow people is like that one .

Don`t divert your feelings to your imagination of us leh , if you upset and angry by us shooting you for acting like somebody when you are nobody . Just ignore us lor

Know nothing act like know something lol

You talked like the update is coming etc, miss you don`t know yet who is IAH , delay and spoiler kings =)

I guess for 0 experience player like you the mindset is the same =) , for raiders the raid that can be raided is made into something not even worth to go anymore because it cost more to go . You can`t put yourself in our shoes because you don`t have the basic weapon/build/armor like Us in the first place because you don`t spend much money on the game . We ain`t upset because people who spend can get the items they want. To us even if you get, your ability to craft and your ability to make use of it is another issue. We ain`t interested low-mid range player getting the items, or trying their best to get to the same level. The issue now is what is there to raid in this raiding game when they just release everything into abs/helena LOL? get the point?

You are stupid i guess, raid for fun? i go diablo better spacebar = raid liao . Use your brain not your backside

She won`t understand want , she say go raid boa for fun leh , paying extra to raid for something i can pay cheaper. This one call raid? Stupid person will do it . Arconis i advice you to buck up and go try first before you ask people to raid for fun. Don`t make yourself a joke

I doubt, you can only talk in forum and add more post to yourself in game you are nothing but crap lol , don`t use ur sabre taunt me wor k?

till some IMBA REPLY comes on

can the TWO MAPLETARDS please leave this forum? you know who you are.

we dont need loudmouth cyberwarriors(bengs) who gets offtopic and flame others in ge forums just because they dont share the same opinion as you dumb twats.

IF EuuU notch understanddszz "Leave this forum" ,

dench EuuUu knorr "CC pls"?

(shuts up for liek 40 posts)
They are raging why? Because the BOA raid is made into a useless raid. Plus wasting so much effort to chip the stuff this is the POINT, do you really think hope and will can help much to balance? ELB/ELN are the one that can help balance but sorry not Will and hope.

you got 0 point to argue in the first place.

He wannabe

Less spending, cheaper a lot to spam

Yep abs is cheaper than raiding BOA now

Screw yourself , we don`t give a fcuk you cannot experience because you don`t have the ability for being a lazy bum but only can stay in forum and be a attention seeker

Don`t come put LC with that guy nick(ME) hor, go find out who is that first before you come find problem here. Don`t act like Mr nice here and backstab behind , want do something do it openly, don`t do liao act innocent here and there make yourself and faction sound hypocrite here

Haha,post something constructive ? like your dear faction symbols and vq posting something very constructive. Want to act go Mediacorp, here how nice you act doesn`t reflect a mr nice man on your forehead for your info.

I don`t need to look good and act mr nice like vq/symbol, acting nice isn`t my forte.

Haha at least i`m being real, unlike you and your dear friends act too much .

(after i called him a mapletard again, i think he couldnt take it)
So cold =) Mr kettle

Maybe you should go book an appointment w/d a Psychiatrist. You sound deluded =)

So far no reply after that.... lol

Haha see the pattern... Retard->gets smack in face->less retarded->retarded again->get smack->goes nuts

A before hand notice to ppl interested to flame on my comments:
If your interested to flame in my blog, i urge u not to, u read at ur own risk; so fuck off if ur pissed, i told u not to read asshole. Thank you.