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Thursday, April 29, 2010

PS2 Burning?

Some useful info when burning PS2 DVD ISOs.

DVD choice: (from my experience)

Apperently Maxell has poor quality and Imation dvds don't work at all, ive tested Imation ones and only 1/3 worked, Maxell ones work fine but ive compared 2 games burnt on Maxell and Verbatim then i tested both apperently Verbatim ones work better. From what i read over the internet, Verbatim and Sony DVDs are a preferred choice for burning PS2 DVDs apperently the coating of the dvds are more compatible with the lazers and etc, no idea. Well i wasted my money on a stack of 100s Maxells u___u

Oh Yes Random Post FTW.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some majors updates over the past weeks/month

GE Section:

Yes, this is the final decision to leave VQ, due to the high spending rate/time consuming/sleep deprivation playing style which i had back in VQ to keep up with the "top".

Reason of leaving: Faction becoming extremely large losing its "family" like spirit which it used to have back in VQ days. Extremely broke for GPs or for other uses, having a bad connection (sinktel) which gave us a router which is currently breaking down and is having wireless problems. Gotten tired of ge-political issues and idiots.

Met alot of new friends, and enemies. Being able to fight as a underdog faction against (most) of the sever factions which is extremely fun and tiring.
Gotten armors i aimed for, as well as joined a faction that made a "mark" in sGE saga.
Won election twice in a row.

Well, apperently all RP and items are gone to waste. All hard earned RP have been wasted and i am not able to get anything from my hard earn RP; also those who are not going back to Symbols Reborn have also forfeited their RP.

Should have focused more on my life issues, like giving up those useless things i should have done instead of ignoring all the advises given to me. Wasted alot of my time and effort which i should not have.

My New GE Path:
Joined Crackspada Faction
(Original Group before I Joined the 1st Symbols)

Being extremely casual now, I am currently not afk-ing at all. Will only login to clear MM items, pass items, raid or do random weebo stuff.
Currently working wednesdays & sundays at midnight stocktaking in libraries around Singapore over night. My items have been lent to my fellow faction members for colony war which i am unable to attend till around end of June or July which the stock-taking project will end.

I have totally taken a step away from GE political issues and stupid childish discussions, only interested in trolling and popcorn sessions. I have realized that being in a larger faction has alot of "political views" tied to you and thus when your fellow memebers of faction has done something wrong/stupid, the image and effect of those consequences will be imposed on you and your faction as well.

Why crackspada?
Firstly, why i joined VQ was because of Inanna. I was first a member of crackspada groupchat before i joined VQ. I was a very silent and inactive member of the old-symbols back then. I joined VQ because of Inanna's recommendations and encouragement, thus my VQ story begun from there on. During the elections, my winning was also highly contributed from members of crackspada and their connections/friends. Throughout my life in ge and out of ge, these members of crackspada have stood by me, through thick and thin. They are more than just "ge-friends", they go beyond pixel help/talk, so i believe that i should go back to where i originally was.

Despite me leaving VQ/Sym, i still regard my old faction members as good friends and i still keep in contact with them like c o w (stupid) and yam (always see him on train or train station). I believe there are friends that are just "GE".

Winchesterx Family Status: Severely Inactive, awaiting for 4.5

The section on Winchesterx Family has ended the following portion is regarding my life out of sGE. Feel free to read, but if your only into my GE updates please do stop here, the next part will be full or rants and unexplained stuff regarding my life.

Life Section:
Currently really busy with work/life going over for dinners and epic gaming sessions. Learning to change as well, and trying to buy back time that was wasted which i know is impossible. Despite knowing my wasted time, i has made a good decision to step up and wake up from my nightmares and continuing a normal life.

Sharing is not always good, especially with a log. Ive learnt that now.

Some guilt trips are not meant to be said, if you are so desperate to achieve your aim; you might lose your friends instead of nearing your aims.

I just read some epic stupid rant wall posts that are full of hilarity and trolling.
Eg: Life is unfair xxxxx (repeatedly)

Realized how stupid i am at some point of my life.

To Be Continued...........

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Long Over-due post

Some long-over due random posts and chats
(Please pardon the low-resolution, they are edited with paint and photos taken using my cell camera which i seldom use and is only 2-megapixels)


My trooper has finally reached master, wasting 20 memoris to reset 20 str back to 20 HP. Finally my tanker character has master, next would be my ATP/Ania. (At this blogging point my ATP has reached master and has yet to be promoted)

OMFG MAKI WHAT lol. Oh yes Maki likes to molest children (lol).

^ hmm. kinky.

Spot the llyse:

Answer: 3 Llyse: Cath(int), IBS and the REAL LLYSE lol.

3 Reasons to Miss CW:

#1 Banana Chocolate Shiffon Cake (Tampopo Cafe)
#2 Japanese Curry Rice
#3 Milk Pudding (Tampopo Cafe)
Sorry no photo (ate it before i could take picture)

Finally Had The Money for My Acoustic Guitar \o/

(SGD) Guitar 120, Stand 15, Capo 20, Bag 20, Electric Tuner 15
(All 1st Hand from Davis Guitar)
(Thanks Sapi for your financial aid)

Next aim: Guitar Strap :D