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Sunday, January 31, 2010

2pm Barrier Mission

Today's 2pm barrier mission, the usual. 3x 100chips,1xPGB, lots of pure talts haha. Tresure box gave me 7x88chips... lul -__- anyone needs their hammers/caliburn/controllers chipped? hahaha

Fat Assssssssssbattttt..

Saturday Midnight Raids. The Highlights: BMS ARSENE

As usual! the noctural club raiders lul, back from outing all dead beat but as usual our 1-3am routine raid haha.. 1am infiltration, 2am barrier lastly arsene

1am's Infiltration

Today's arsene agenda: BMS ARSENE

Oh yes, BMS x1 in everyone's inventory, its maditory!! The whole arsene is like a old-folks home version with the moonwalks and slow attackspeed (except Fuhren, he has gay movspd boots D:).
Damage wise was LULZy.

We managed to finish.. slowly... lol.
Overall, today's a chipsssssssssssssss day
2x 84x7 from Barrier
3x 100 from Sotong
Xx 96 from Diablo
3x 100 from Circus treasure chest
and a GCr lol ._.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Activities

Just went to watch Sherlock Holmes which is awesome lol. Its totally worth the money man, when fer lulz arcarde session haha... then finally the long awaited quest for crackspada bracelets has finally been completed lul. Its super nisu, each has personalized with our namezors. :D

Left: Me (duders one) Right: Llyse (gals one) Middle: My Shoe
There's another photo of emmy,llyse and mine (which is in her phone) lul will upload it when she sends it ova. :D

Friday, January 29, 2010

Project Ania: Update

Ania has experted.. finally.

Georgeous Stance, with her 2 chicken wings. Make her look like aeroplane? lul
(I know what your staring at btw >___>)

Her accuraccy is around the same as Nar (sadly).

Socket Processing Research

Tested a method to open sockets, seems to have a slightly higher chance of opening; still as far as it seem its still alot dependant on luck.

1st try (few days ago)
Crystal Shooter : 2nd & 3rd Socket (? Failed)
Cresent : No Progress (? Failed)

2nd try(today)
Crystal Shooter : 2nd & 3rd Socket (4 Failed)
Cresent : 3rd Socket (0 Failed)
EDC : 2nd Socket (0 Failed)
Black Dagger : 3rd Socket (1 Failed)

Seems to be highly dependant on luck, but seems it works slight better?(idk)
This method still requires further testing itt seems, anyone wants to donate socket tranqs and your items for science? lol

Method is still sekret :P

Rabbit Grindstone Kyaaa

Oh yes, it is cute >.<

Boring, yet again

Another quiet and boring day, i no sign of capri from Joquain Barrier either.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just realized how u can get the top items, +8 items become imba instantly.
wtf srsly wtf.
just heard from facties +8 stuffs are roaming around, and the items came from families own by STUDENTS WTF? SIT ON YOUR FAT ASS BE IMBA. Holy christ, I shd start taking money from my mum, "MA I WAN +8 MY SERPENT RIFLE, GIVE ME 500 DOLLA". WTF. Thank goodness, my items are purely from money ive earned with my own sweat.

World, I am disappoint.

Me; work:
+6 (pass happy like fuck, fail cry like mad)
+7 (dun even dare to dream)
i tried once to +7 failed once, 56 dollars flew; emo for 3-4 days.

Wings (30days)
HAVE NEVER bought them, yes seriously NEVER IN MY sGE LIFE have i bought 30day wings.
(1day wings)
ONLY for cw & raids that are really really really required like iwt >_> only. lol

Others; who don't work:
+6 (Pass pass lor, fail ask for more money lah)
+7 (Sian, gotta ask again)
+8 (Aiya must get, not my money mah. Fail repeat previous 2 steps lor)

HAVE NEVER seen them off, yes seriosuly when i started sGE when i saw them, i thought they were like free.

Others; who work.
Your money, your choice yes? Most importantly be happy and can face up to ur self/family.

Bloody hell, i buy 84k must think 4-5 times man.

Poor ppl - not so pro.
Rich ppl - pro, ok fine ur money u can do what you want.
Rich ppl - not so pro, understandable.
Non-working Class - Not pro(me) I can understand why T.T *looks at savings* oh my >_> no gps/no wings/no hrin for now!


/rant rant rant more!!!!

Experiment #1: Angie Arsene (A Complete Guide)

Here Is a COMPLETE GUIDE how to use a Angie inside Arsene.

Content Disclaimer: This must be done with supervision if done without experience, it can cause great facepalms and failures. ALL FAILURES OF PERSONAL ARSENE, WHICH ARE TRIED AT YOUR OWN RISK; I WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR FAILURE OF YOUR ARSENE.

Any typo/errors will be changed when i read this again later in the afternoon, its 5am now. Tired day, so please bear with me regarding errors thanks.

Here, we have the long awaited Crackspada™ Angie Arsene.
First you will need:

-An Expert Angie (at least), for vet angie please refer to older post.
-LOTS of preseverence
-ALOT of humor
-A Scout
-Another DPSer (preferredly Ele build; refer to later screenies to find out why)
-2x Turret/Blade Rings (for faster building & more constructs)
-Optional Stuff-
-Defence wings
-Top Armor(ELN), ELB works too
-Full defence items (Gold earrings/Belts/High defence gloves/boots)
-Invisible Pots

Effects of Boredom, Yes.

Then yew enter room, of course duh -_-
(Optional) Make a LULZY room name for more retardness

1st Boss: Frost
This is WRONG way, u must always build cannons first!

This is how u do it, cannons.. then blades! This is where your 2x Rings come in handy.. more cannons/blades = more dps!

Build cannons, and keep them away from harms way!

Traps, of course are important as well! Hide them well, here is where u insert your ninja skeels. Giving suprise buttsecks to mobs are vital skill to be used further on!

A combination of turrets + imba trap skills. This is how it should be done! Once you have mastered this skill, you are ready to continue on! Remember, practice makes perfect.

This is the overall battleplan for boss rooms. Once you've set up base your good to go! Remember to maintain your constructs incase of boss-rage attacks. Fences draw good aggro build them too!

Mario's room will be a tough challenge if your party does not include a spell caster. Our Mario room fight took us approx above 5-7minutes. Fences draw aggro, and you can hide traps infront to give suprise buttsecks while mario goes to punch em fences.

Cannons! They're important too, remember that!

Ok once mario is down, u may continue to proceed into corridor and into arsene's room.
Same battle plans, but it includes some planning and suprise buttsecks skills.

Here's a rough plan.

(OPTIONAL) Killing Celine with constructs. How to?
Step1: kill everything else that moves
Step2: Reduce her HP down to 1%
Step3: Spam Cannons/Blades
Step4: Allow her to be chucked by cannonballs till death
Important: Do remember to poke her once in a while to prevent regeneration.
This above listed steps have been tested and proven to work. Celine... your heart will go on...

Before Louise comes alive, u must build blades/cannons/traps to welcome him. Once he comes alive...He will be suprise attacked

PS: Remember to laugh when celine dies to cannons

The following will be the fight between squad vs louise:

Blades are more effective against louise.

Remember to keep your warface up, NO FEAR! SHOW HELLENA THAT, build infront of her while she skills, she will escape faster. (LOL?)

Build wards to help your squaddies.

Thanks for reading my retarded guide. Remember! PRESERVERENCE, our experiment took 63minutes, and I will not be held liable if your Angie Arsene fails. This is an Experiment and is totally for LULz, any seriousness is not to be tolerated.

Just a thought

1AM Mission: Teleport Scroll Day

Today's 1AM mission is to be declared as TELEPORT DAY. Sadly no sign of any Aquarius, 3x 96 chips and Mega Talts lulz; and 1 hilt of BD. Chest rewards were... 3x3 Sets of Teleport Scrolls.

People that participated: LeForte, Fuhrenhart, Delkhaze, Winchesterx

Here we have a diablo, and there we have musketeers, they put holes in diablo.

This is a cheap version of Singapore Flyer, its free. You go UPUPUPUP and then smack down; you get a bird's eye view for like 3 seconds? haha

Here, we have......... TELEPORT SCROLLS D: LOADS OF EM.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you came... bukkits

Oh Yes You Did.

Tomorrow's Arsene LUL

Have you ever tried bringing an Angie into arsene and use as a tank? No? Why not? hahahaha

I tried with a Vet Angie, couldnt tank much; tomorrow we're going to try again. Finally my angie is expert, 3 chars with 2 attacking and 1 leeching is slow (--,) well finally; my Project Angie is completed (except promotion before arsene).

Well the wards from angie DO help alot when constructed behind and the blades do damage, although is low; and angie can tank mobs but dies kinda fast :/ due to her being Vet. So, tmr.. FOR SCIENCE!!!

Trump Arsene

Well, for SCIENCEEEEE we tried a full trump weapon arsene. Here's are the stats of my Trump Bayonet 1S 7Speed, hitting max atkspd of 40 for Flintlock on my Infantry.

Attackspeed is crazily high for everyone.

Our Trump Arsene Party:
Lumyire(Musk)w/ Dual Trump Pistols on OS
Delkhaze(Ele)w/ Trump LOE Bracelet on LOE
Fuhrenhart(Scout)w/ Trump Dagger on Arnis
Winchesterx(Infantry)w/ Trump Bayonet on Flint

Camwhoring my Auch Infantry while the rest were ahead. Ahaha im so getting killed

Throughout the whole arsene, no ores; after i said "funny no ores today" 1 Green & Red dropped, so we tried other ideas like, why no ESAr, no Key, no Louis- ah nvm lul. Apperently we got no ESAr, no key either and 1 arsene only. Instead of ESAr we got EBFAr LUL?

Trump weapons are usable in cirucs! lol damage is lower alot, but hell ur attackspeed is insane.

PS: Im the only poor dude w/out wings D: lul.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I finally got decided to use my 92 chips on my Tonfas, First i got liek 40atk 52Daemon. (--,)
Then after afew 10-20 more chips the first one emerges! ATK+YELLOW (WB) NOUUUUUUUU. which was fine at first, since my ania's not master i can use it to afk in Peril UG. Continuing on to the 2nd tonfa, after 7 chippies.... it gives me atk+. WILDBEAST AGAIN. HOLY *£&$£ left with 3 chips. /facepalms. Ive decided -.- keep... stock chips...train master... do ridiculous damage in circus..... no more vis/gp/chips... *emos*


GE: CNY Special

CNY Special: 26 January onwards: 100,888 G-points + 60 ABS for the price of 84K G-points* @ OffGamers and MOL!

Kick-start your GE Lunar New Year shopping spree early this year as SMM brings you a Lunar New Year red-packet special – wrapped in amazing G-Points buyouts for a limited time period only! Starting on the 26th January 2010 (15:00PM) onwards, every 84,000 G-Points* purchased from OffGamers and MOL will include an extra 16,888 G-Points plus additional extra 30 ABS (While Stocks Last).

This means that a single purchase of 84k* will bring forth an extra 16,888 G-Points making the total a staggering 100,888 G-Points and total of 60 ABS for your buying frenzy.
So head over to OffGamers and MOL now! While Stocks Last!

*Note: For Granado Espada Game Value Cards only.

Frequently Asked Questions

I bought an 84K G-points from MOL/OffGamers on 25th Jan, am I entitled to this promotion?
Unfortunately no, the promotion is tagged to the codes, not the time of top up.

I bought an IAHGames iCash Card ($60) from OffGamers/MOL but I didn't get the extra G-points and ABS!
This promotion is applicable for Granado Espada Game Value Card only.

I bought a Game Value Card from a retail shop, but I didn't get the extra G-points and ABS!
This promotion is applicable for the purchases in OffGamers and MOL only.


2PM Barrier Misison

/rant NO CAPRI baw :/ 3x 100 chips 1 PGB and 1 imba penetrator... shall try again tmr! (if i can wakeup that is) rofl. Ahhh nvm i need more 100 chips anyway.

Boringgg... Once Again

Another boring afternoon, and stupid Mobsters2 isnt loading on my Firefox again (--,) dunno wth is wrong with it, seems loading fine with another account on my Goggle Chrome. Bawww sucks, lazy to login to GE either, rawr hungry lol lazy to budge out of my arse to cook. Piff.


AND, Im suppose to be tagged A Bag Of Fat Rape (--,) i typo-ed and didnt realized till like before Mario. irphail |l' oTL

Here we have, a really bored Tuesday Midnight (as usual). And another random crackspada movment of tag-me-a-rapist-arsene. Well, loots were.. as usual (crap) haha, got like a imba stated BD rifle, and a chip o_O arsene so giam siap baw :/

1&2Am Missions

1AM: Infiltration


2AM: Barrier

Sotongs xx Hillgiants lulz.

VQ/Symbols BBQ Chalet 22-24

(Left - Right)
Backrow: EvilDreams,Teoteo, (cant be seen clearly), Wildhearty, kelvinyap, iceb0i, rowdians, shakeyspeare, moshi, phrexians, StGus, Powderwhite, Kazeyong
Middlerow: Jesper, Lonstorm, Arjuna, obentlyo, dydaniel, Winchesterx, Orionx
Frontrow: velvetoz, destinedwings, francisco, xNaivex

Hmm, forgotten to on reduce-redeye settings :/

Sekhmet Event (Aftermath)

64 AR/DR

And Yes u Die to 1 hit, no potting for you sir. You die, understand? Yes, I do.

Oh Its A.. Sekhmet Family!

The last Sekhmet.