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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Guide: Joquain barrier 2PM

2PM Joquain Barrier: A Guide How-To (Solo)

This guide is test and proven to work and done with master characters.
This guide is only a guideline of what are the 2 methods i have tested and completed with but might not work for everyone as not everyone have the stipulated characters and are free to change to your fancy as long it does the same job for each stated character should be fine. The completion of the mission differs from each family due to the different usage of weapons and armors.

I will NOT be held liable if usage of my guide result in failure.
(This 2 methods have been used by me over 2 months and i have yet to fail a mission)

1st Step: Getting Ready!!!
Buffs: Hrin/Angel Buff/Intensify/Acceleration/Meditation/Magical Resist Potion
Armors: e92s (Elite Dragon Coat +5 w/ 3DR), (Elite Metallic Suit/Elite Bone Frame Armor +5 w/ 3DR)
Racial Weapons: (UD) Undead(!!), (LL) Lifeless(for mobs)
(!!) Important as boss is undead

My weapon arsenal: (all e92s/level 100s and +5)
1Fighter/2Musk: 1x UD GS, 1x LL GS, 2pairs of UD Pistols
3Musk: 2pairs of UD Pistols, 1pair of LL Pistols

An Overview Map of Joquain Barrier

Lineup: 1 Fighter(Hanging Guard)/2 Musks(Outrage Shot)

Strategy: Your 2 Musk will be the dps for the tower, while your fighter keep mobs away from them. You will require to constantly provoke to keep mobs & mini bosses away from your musks. Your fighter will be the main clearing of mini bosses and the advance scout to trigger traps and destroy turrets. Your musks will be constantly firing onto the colony, each colony should take maximum of 3-5 minutes inclusive of clearing of minibosses. After each colony, its advised to use dancing revolvers to clear flying mobs and other mob gangs before proceeding to next colony. Rinse and repeat for all 4 colonies.

Minibosses: Jobberwock Captains (Undead) or Dragon Head (Lifeless)
Your fighter will be able to quickly dispatch minibosses, especially dragonheads since they have block and your volation ignores blocks. Bullets would be blocked easily by dragon heads. These minibosses are able to be status with stun, mortal wound, paralysis, etc etc (See later musk guide)

The boss, Gullfaxi (stats shown below). At the boss fight, its highly advised to draw the boss out from the circle of turrets which the boss's spawn is surrounded by. Your fighter will be the major payload at this period of time. The stragegy is pretty easy, spamming pots and skills. Your musks will now take over the job of your fighter by using dancing revolvers to clear mobs around your characters while your fighter keeps the damage on Gullfaxi. Your musks pelting on bosses will also speed up the process of death. After the death of the boss, proceed into the circle to clear the last pillar. At this pillar its advised to park your musks at a corner which are less affected by the turrets while pelting onto the colony, your fighter's job would be clearing mobs as well as taking out turrets mainly ice, lighting & fire turrets which cause freeze, shock and burn will be extremely irritaitng the seige turrets are not as vital to take out as the other 3. Fighters on metal armor will be taking extra damage from ice/fire/lightning turrets as metal armors are more succeptible to magical attacks.

Middle Armor, which outrage shot will deal a lower amount of damage compared to Flintlock, but at this point of time your musk will be mainly aiding to clear mobs as well as aid in damage for Gullfaxi.

Lineup: 3 Musks(Outrage Shot)

Stragegy: As you can see, you do not have a tank to keep mobs off your musketeers, therefore it is essential to take out mini-bosses before proceeding to the colony. As seens as the picture above, the jobberwock captains are affected by mortal wound and fear, which would greatly aid in dispatching them. Once the minibosses are down, proceed to attack the colony while spamming dancing revolvers around to keep mobs from stacking and clearing them once in a while. The colony should go down faster than dual musks. Rinse and repeat for all 4 colonies. The dragon heads will take alittle more effort to take down as it has block and is able to block shots form your musks.

The boss will be slightly harder since its middle armored and will take less damage from your outrage shots. As you can see i have drawn the boss out, the strategy would be to continuously aim your shots at the boss as well as using desperados, i have managed to mortal wound it once but as you can see it is a boss and status will be harder to be afflicted. While casting desperados, occasionally cast dancing revolvers to clear away combs of mobs gathering and attacking your musks. After the boss is being killed, proceed into the last tower but before starting your attack on the colony do remember to clear the turrets around your musks which will greatly speed up your progress of attacking the colony. Occasional dancing revolvers will clear away mobs gathering around your musks as well.

100/96/92 chips, Pure Gold Bar, Level 100 items (?), Symbol of Capricornus
(?) I have recieved a Bracelet of Levi once from Gullfaxi, but im sure its very rare.

The common drops are 3x100chips and 1Pure Gold Bar, any extra loots are a bonus. Those 4 loots are the standard drops.


llyse said...

I tested today with doing barrier without Phanel's imba rifle, worked too (downed colony in the last 10 seconds loll).

Now I feel like trying with Hellena. Hurr.

llyse said...

For whatever it's worth--

Mini additional guide for Ele/Musk/Scout Barrier Completion:
Minimum 60 AR/DR (master with +5 3dr e92 or expert with better armor)
Equip: 2x UD pistol; 2xlifeless Behe/skullic; Arnis + high-speed dagger
Use of mystic pots (for speed) and mind resist pots (to reduce knockback) recommended.

Musk--tank bosses and kill Captains (UD pistols make quick work of them); switch to tower after Captains die
Ele--clear mobs (important--mobs will knockback, making your breaker chars waste precious time getting up) and kill Dragon Heads (spammed firewall with LL bracelets should destroy them)
Scout--hit tower (mystic + Arnis + speed dagger should down them as fast as an outrage musk)

Each tower should be about 3-5 mins too.

Once Gullfaxi spawns, run straight to the F/G1 spot with the turrets. Kill the turrets with scout/musk while clearing mobs with ele. If you're lucky none of the two Violent Ghost Barons will have followed you; otherwise kill them first, they will HOD and Reverse you.

Tank with scout (spam paralysis skills and keep away from your other chars in case of AoE); DPS with musk; mob clear with ele.

Final colony:
Unless you have high DR it's imperative to first clear all the turrets--musk and scout can take these down fast. Then down colony with them while clearing mobs with ele yadda yadda.

Open chest.

Get unique 92 loot.


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