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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Castilla Relic

Castilla Ruin (1.5) & Castilla Relic
(Castilla Raid w/ Faction)

The most top and most bottom warps will lead you to Castilla Relics, the middle warp will lead you to King Henry which will spawn within a time-frame (not going to disclose timing).
To access each warp you will need 1x Ancient Relic, and the warp to King Henry will require 5x Ancient Relic.

To enter Castilla Relic mission, you will require 1x Ancient Gold Relic.

1st Boss: Diablo, when its hp is around half or so, it will split into 3 mini diablos that are immune to any damage for around 2-3 minutes. The mini diablo's damage is quite high.

The trap rooms, there will the bolts firing from both sides. All you need to do is to run through.
There will be around 3 similar rooms after each boss.

2nd boss: Lava Leaf.

3rd Boss, I believe one of the few tempest "generals". He will summon alot of mobs during the boss attack. The mob knockback rate is extremely high, so clearing the mobs will be a good idea. This boss drops Roulette Box.

I got pawnt (rofl)

4th Boss, This boss drops normal loots.

5th Boss, This Boss drops Roulette Box.

6th Boss, Nana. Drops normal loots, this boss will be abit of a challenge because of her size. She is the size of a normal character and there will be mobs around so targetting her might be a problem.

After killing her, next boss will be Tempest.

The Cut-Scene

This is tempest's AOE, once it starts walking away it will cast this aoe. It kills 3/4 of the squad and is the strongest and biggest aoe of his.

As the fighting Tempest, he will summon his "generals", and his "generals" will summon mobs to attack you as the same as before when fighting him before tempest.

He will constantly summon all this generals to attack you periodically.

After killing him. Yes, I fricking got a damm summon bear walker ring. -.-

I have temple screenshots, I will post sometime later when im less busy with work.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Castilla Minesperiment

Castilla Mines

(An Experiment)

You get the 1st medal right as you step into the mines, 1st attempt using melees.

1st Attempt: Failure! Basically, Basilisk 1hitko-combo my 2 melees, and before my scout could reach them, got killed as well.

2nd Attempt: Similar Fate.

3rd Attempt: 

Get some friends!

We managed to down Basilisk with no problem, and also at an incredible speed. 

Yay, dead Basilisk, next!.... (As seen on the face) Chrysalist can only be hit by ranged characters. Thank goodness i has friends :P

Basically, to do in a squad it took around 30-45 mins on average. Lesser resources consumed as well, I only used my remaining hrin (Asoka isnt on hrin). The downside would be farming of ancient relic pieces would be reduced. But more loots for all, we've tested using a mule as well its capable of receiving loots from the roulette box. (Yes i foresee retards copying our ideas of bringing mule family into castilla mines for free once a day and saying its "their discovery", i know those biscuit loving animals would do it definitely)

I managed to do 5-6 runs with squad, but was not contented.. yet.

Solo Attempt:


In my solo attempt, i used:
1x 1hr hrin
1x heart choco
2x 5000 HP pot
2x TF
2x SC
1 hour 20 minutes

7x 100 chips
2x vet chips
2x moonstone
2x sunstone
mega random stoof
ores,e84,level 100s,pgb (from roulette)
20+ Ancient Relic Pieces
3x Gold ancient relic pieces

The hardest part would be Basilisk, once it gets low hp, it 1hitkos a character. Thus i SC-ed once my 2nd char hit the dirt. After Basilisk, everything else to me was a cakewalk only thing annoying was the long HP and the fact that each mob can only be hit by 1 skill (unlike boss monsters). Also, the guards around deka drop 2-3 relic pieces, so yea i spent time killing them to farm extra pieces. 

Oh yes, i emo/rage mined past 7 attempts. Deadbeat now.


Things to Note:
-Basilisk, Argus, and Dekaravia will each drop a Roulette Chest upon defeat.
-Chrysalist will drop nothing.
-The rest of the main bosses will drop an assortment of Mega Ores (including Mega Quartz), Feso Stones, Relic pieces, and some other miscellaneous materials.

-The mobs range from WL/UD/LL/Daemon/Human, basically each zone has different types of race and also 2 flying mobs. So enjoy switching your racial weapons.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Status Update!

Current Family Updates:

General Status: Pretty much back to my life, finding temp jobs before my National Service. Afk 75% of the time, most of the time meeting up for lunch/dinner/supper and going out dating :P

Current Aims: None? (Maybe Base Famil Level 51) / Master Asoka
Current Projects: Yes, still ongoing till... idk O_o? Till i get bored and quit?

Current Others: Basically, lazy to cw. Enjoying the lulz in Rembt CW Thread.

Ok that practically sums it up. Kind of bored of GE, waiting for 5.0 i guess...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates: 27/9/2010

Current Status of Winchesterx Family:

All my current projects have been hang back due to financial constrains, I have been unable to top-up to enter sacred chaos requiem for approx 2 months till date. I have been only been able to invest on daily Pet Bonding Packages and a single Home Premium Service (Average) for 2nd month now. All my current projects are currently suspended and will be camping within S-AT till probably the end of October.

Reason why: My boss took 3 months of my pay and spent it for himself. I have yet to receive full payment from him yet, thus I will be staying out of SCR and from spending excessive GP at the moment.

Currently I will be training my level 100s to Vet 10, also boosting family level as well as bringing up the average character levels in my barracks.

Updating Temp Project: Vet 10s (Until HPS Ends)
HPS Status: 22days.
GP Current Count: 9,270
(by next war, I probably wont be able to afford wings)
Family Level Status: 43%
Target: 51 (Base Family Level)

Currently, Each 100 to Vet 10 gives only 2-3% of Family Level, I wont be able to Level up to 51 by the end of my HPS, will probably have to continue when i go into SCR. /rant

Hitting 51 is hella hard. Man I have no idea how others do it. =_=

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sig Design


2nd Title Design

My Current Title

My New Designs v

Might change soon i guess? or.... not.. haha

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Going on semi-haitus again, due to life issues.

Maybe im leaving for good....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Life after 50

If you think raising your family level around the 40s region is hard? Try after 50...

Usually the fastest way to level your family level is by leveling lowbies till 100 or expert, which will give about 10% or so per char (depending on char level), but after 50, training a fresh level 1 character to 100 only yields 2-3%, and each 1% of family level requires about 3-4 vet levels.

Talk about hitting 51.... *dream shatters*

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brainless People

Brainless People, I REALLY Dont Understand....


The next few lines are extremly insulting please exercise caution and if you are unable to take extremly prejudice comments, i urge you not to read on even if you are curious as what i have concluded.

Yes, I Woke up at 7am to see this shit.

#1. Woke up at 7am to collect cards, I see someone asking for squad (normal), but hey whats that guy doing in a corner ks-ing?

#2. At the side? I dont THINK SO? If your at the side, I wont be ABLE to see you, and sorry, my partner just being in the middle at THAT point of TIME dosent mean she's parked AT the middle, melee FYI, they move about.

#3. ANOTHER FYI, you dont need a squad leader to invite, so DONT bullshit me.

#4. ANOTHER FYI, Leynthall is a GIRL.

#5. ANOTHER FYI, Leynthall is MY GF, you ks her... you die.. really...really...really.. badly.

#6. You hiding in a corner attempting to ks WONT EVER get you a place in the squad.

#7. When its 7am AND your ks-ing my girlfriend; when i say "good luck", its nothing good.

#8. When its 7am, I AM VERY GRUMPY.

#9. Last informative sentence, WE hate ks-ers, I will KILL YOU.

If your so interested in a squad, you can pm/white chat to ask THEN wait for a response; no response? IM FUCKING AFK, you KS me AND BULLSHIT ME...? You will either receive:
a) death by miniboss
b) triple flints shooting yo' mobs
c) santa clause hitting your face with a sack
d) spines (oh yes i have ALOT, trust me you dont want to try)
e) you'll find a community of people trolling you

And yes, the following person on the stated above screenshot has recieved a purple heart from a). I mourn for your death sir.

And yes this is a rage post.

A before hand notice to ppl interested to flame on my comments:
If your interested to flame in my blog, i urge u not to, u read at ur own risk; so fuck off if ur pissed, i told u not to read asshole. Thank you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Dr Torsche's Basement Raid

Dr Torsche's Basement!


Basically, to start the raid: Minimum of 2 Maximum of 4.

Overview of the whole raid

Running into the first room

The second room

Yes, this is the amount of mobs that will be attacking you if you are at the middle of the room, the whole raid is lifeless be it mobs or boss. Each mob killed will drop a stone.

As you advance into each room, it gets harder and harder the mobs hit harder as well as has more amount of health.

This room, the 6th is the HARDEST of all rooms. You will be knocked back every few seconds or even consecutively for 2-3 times in a row. The AOEs HURT alot and your will not be able to cast any spells except instant cast ones.

The Last Room.

In this room, the most annoying thing is armor crasher which is very constantly affects your characters. Each time you get armor crashed, you will definitely die. The mob attack damage is quite high unless your are wearing ELNs, get ready your resuscitation potions.

Recommended armor for this raid would be at least LN and above, and hrins is a must!!

We managed to clear all 7 rooms, but apparently the warp that was suppose to appear on the 7th room did not appear due to a bug? Going to try again soon when im free from my work and part time study schedules.

Been busy and lots of screenshots have been stacking up in my SS folder, will back-date blog about them when im free!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remote Blog!

Im blogging from my CCNA class, which im actually not suppose to -.- haha.

Mmm, boring class epic dryness. The more the merrier, but when too many are on the merry-go-round and it spins! EVERYONE FLIES lololol. Epic.

Some people change, really fast.
I wonder if they know it, maybe not, maybe so, maybe i just don't give a blazing fuck. Oh yes, I don't.

GE Be Srs Bsn

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


[v4.5] If you think you seen it all...
17 Aug 2010

Yes, the highly anticipated Catherine Torsche will make her first appearance in the game after 19 August 2010 maintenance!

With this, TeamGE has came up with an absolutely must-grab package to get you ready for Human Catherine Torsche!

From 17 ~ 19 August, the following package will be up for grabs in
Hellena's Circus of Fate at a limited quantity.

- 2 X Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1 Day)
- 3 X Combat Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 3 X Tactics Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 1 X Shelter Pass (1 Day)
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Veteran
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Expert
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Master
- 1 X Home Premium Service - Expert (7 Days)
- 3 X Rose Wings (7 Days)
- 100 X Pet Food

All the above items for only 30 Tokens! (While Stocks Last)


1. Items will be inserted on 19 August 2010, during maintenance.
2. Please remember to CLAIM the item marker into your account before the date of insertion.
3. All package items can be claimed from Leonardo after maintenance.


Finally, the long wait is over. Catherine Torsche is finally released! Too bad Thursday I have work till late :/ going to rush home to get my own Catherine Torsche!!! And hopefully i can get 2, hopefully its tradable without usage of merc. Ive already sent [CM] Lorenza in FB a PM.

Catherine Torsche's Stats


Catherine Torsche's Recruitment Quest


Good luck everyone getting your own catherine torsche!

Hope its tradable :/

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lorenza's 1000 Follower Blog


Finally her blog has reached 1000 followers, \o/ yay for the 100% exp boost!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Shadow Sting Stance: http://bookofwind.blogspot.com/2010/07/shadow-sting.html

Silver Sever 5.0.12
Skill NameOriginalChanged
Eagle Eyelevel 10
Penetration +20%

level 11
Penetration +22%
Attack Rating +1

level 12
Penetration +24%
Attack Rating +1
level 10
Penetration +10%

level 11
Penetration +10%
Attack Rating +1

level 12
Penetration +15%
Attack Rating +1
Heart Breakerlevel 10
ATK 533%
level 10
ATK 434%
Bolt Sequencelevel 10
ATK 1641%
level 10
ATK 1337%
Back Step Infernolevel 10
ATK 953%
level 10
ATK 776%
Shadow Dawnlevel 10
ATK 1444%
level 10
ATK 1176%

increased damage against Heavy Armour

Information from: http://bookofwind.blogspot.com/2010/07/silver-server-5012.html

sGE Event

Leonora the witch have been busy trying to gather sacred books to increase her knowledge. Help her assemble the books that she wants and she will reward you greatly. Remember that she only require a certain number of books, be quick to avoid disappointment!

Duration of event : 29 July 2010 to 19 August 2010

How to participate in the event:

1. Show your interest by offering a Treasure Hunter Request Form to her at Auch Town channel 1.
2. She will give you a task to complete. Once done, go back to Auch Town and talk to her.
3. You will obtain 5 x Vet B EXP Cards and a random box that drops Ink, Cover and Papyrus of all books.
4. Match the 3 ingredients of the same book and claim your prize.
5. You may check the quantity of prizes remaining for each Sacred Book category.

At the end of event, all Book parts will be removed during maintenance. To remove the parts before the end of event, you may proceed to Katovic Snowfields and drop them into the Loom. Accidental deletion of event items will not be recovered.


The coveted Elite Le Noir (Fighter) stands at the top of the table, followed by constellation weapon, Hestia, and high level Artisan earring. Be the first to obtain the unreleased Expert stance books that are still locked! Want to get your hands on Enhanced Tactics Ring? Get the Upgraded one here instead! One of the unreleased items lie hidden in the Book of Gaia. Achieve this by gathering the Ink of all Books, and she will give you a Recipe - Kurenai, a great sword designed specifically for Asoka. All great sword users may use this weapon as well. Dragon Heart, Constellation Indication, Rose Wing - 90 Days and other prizes are up grabs.

Book Ingredients Prize
Gabriel 1 x Ink of Gabriel's Book
1 x Cover of Gabriel's Book
1 x Papyrus of Gabriel's Book
Elite Le Noir (Fighter)
Michael 1 x Ink of Michael's Book
1 x Cover of Michael's Book
1 x Papyrus of Michael's Book
Artisan Earring
Raphael 1 x Ink of Raphael's Book
1 x Cover of Raphael's Book
1 x Papyrus of Raphael's Book
Seraphim 1 x Ink of Seraphim's Book
1 x Cover of Seraphim's Book
1 x Papyrus of Seraphim's Book
[Prelude] Skill Book
Enlightenment 1 x Ink of Enlightenment's Book
1 x Cover of Enlightenment's Book
1 x Papyrus of Enlightenment's Book
[The Crusader] Skill Book
Karma 1 x Ink of Karma's Book
1 x Cover of Karma's Book
1 x Papyrus of Karma's Book
[Superior Blaster] Skill Book
Nirvana 1 x Ink of Nirvana's Book
1 x Cover of Nirvana's Book
1 x Papyrus of Nirvana's Book
Upgraded Enhanced Tactics Ring
Helios 1 x Ink of Helios' Book
1 x Cover of Helios' Book
1 x Papyrus of Helios' Book
Dragon Heart
Apollo 1 x Ink of Apollo's Book
1 x Cover of Apollo's Book
1 x Papyrus of Apollo's Book
Constellation Indication
Hades 1 x Ink of Hades' Book
1 x Cover of Hades' Book
1 x Papyrus of Hades' Book
Rose Wing - 90 days
Gaia 10 x Ink
(1 of each book)
Recipe - Kurenai
Crius 10 x Cover
(1 of each book)
10 x Moonstone
Themis 10 x Papyrus
(1 of each book)
Enchantment Chip Veteran x 6


1. I have gotten the same stance book twice, can I exchange it for a different one?
No. All prizes claimed are not exchangeable.

2. The Elite Le Noir (Fighter) has been taken, but i have just assembled the book for it. Can you restock all the prizes so that I can claim it?
No. The quantity of each prize is fixed and will not be replenished once it is depleted. Be fast in completing her quests to get as many random boxes as possible. Good luck.

3. The rates of the random boxes are nerfed! I can't get any Ink! Change the rates please.
The rates of the boxes are fixed and everyone is subjected to the same drop rate. If you are lucky, it will come to you quickly. There is no nerfing...

4. I can't claim any prizes after so many tries. Please refund my gpoints!
Please note that this event is open to all players. It is not compulsory to participate in this event, and all items used will not be reimbursed.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tension Relief Arsene

Tension Relief Arsene!!!

Arsene with just tension! Picture tells a thousand words!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


[Game Servers] Intermittent Disconnections
15 Jul 2010

Dear Gamers,

We are aware that some of you are encountering intermittent disconnections and high latency issues after the game servers went live.

As this issue does not occur to everyone, our engineers are currently looking into this issue, thus we seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Regarding the lag, on a final 11.55pm - 12.50am emergency maintenance, the lag has finally been resolved. Thanks IAH Team!

Things to do:
- Farming more Vet B cards :- In progress
- Master all 3 of my Eles :- In progress
- Maxing ETR and Master Wizard's stances (Madness & Power of Darkness) :- In progress
- Mastering 2nd Calyce :- In progress
- Mastering Ania :- No progress
- Crafting Elite El-Sol (Possibly 2x) or Black Bishop :- No progress

Friday, July 16, 2010

Lagzilla Attacks!

[Game Servers] Intermittent Disconnections
15 Jul 2010

Dear Gamers,

We are aware that some of you are encountering intermittent disconnections and high latency issues after the game servers went live.

As this issue does not occur to everyone, our engineers are currently looking into this issue, thus we seek your kind understanding on this matter.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

IPBFree is gone

IPB Free is gone for good? This is so unfortunate, GE's down and Symbol's forums is also down at the same period of them, getting in contact in the meantime would be a big problem. Our past posts and information is also lost. What a disaster. Here is some information on what actually happen:




We'll probably have alot of problems this week as squad listings and such would be a problem and communication would be a hassle.

Currently all IPBfree forums are down.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A long 3 days...

A Long 3 Day Maintenance

A long 3 day break from Granado Espada, well it was a huge waste of my 30 day wings as well as premium treasure boxes. Ive also been getting 2 days of 3-player-game-losses getting 1 SC from it. Boo. Well, hoping that when the new sever migration is up the lag would be lesser and the crafting of stance rings would be re-implemented. As well as hoping that the compensation of 30 day premium items would be worthwhile the loss. In the mean time, my training of master elementalist and reckless has been put on hold due to IAH's long maintenance.

Things to do when sever is back up:
- Farming more Vet B cards
- Master all 3 of my Eles
- Maxing ETR and Master Wizard's stances (Madness & Power of Darkness)
- Mastering 2nd Calyce
- Mastering Ania
- Crafting Elite El-Sol (Possibly 2x) or Black Bishop

Regarding Madness & Power of Darkness:-

I seriously don't know how to max them out, i have sat through a whole 2 afternoon potting my reckless emilia (now expert) and it has only reach stance level of 17, after past 20 i think it would take way longer than just 2 more afternoons to max it out.

Power of Darkness:
Having my wizard at master level, it would take a even longer time to max out the stance compared to madness, which i probably would spend more than a week trying to max out the stance. (Baw) But it is no hurry as i am not using my wizard/reckless for cw or pvp, just for lulz.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Please Fxxk Off.


The next few paragraphs are extremely insulting please exercise caution and if you are unable to take extremely prejudice comments, i urge you not to read on even if you are curious as what i have concluded.

Id really appreciate you little fuck, to fuck off and stop hitting on my girlfriend in-game. You are married so please go screw your wife. Stop your sarcastic remarks, my girlfriend can do whatever she wants and you don't have to give any comments so please go Fuck Yourself.

If you want to hit on girls in-game and in your school; oh wait i heard that you hit on your female students where you teach in. Gosh, what is happening to the world of education? Oh back to the hitting on girls, please go fuck your wife instead. I fucking pity your wife.

Idiots like that, should just die. I really hope you get divorced soon, and you can live in a brothel and get AIDS so the world would be purged of idiots like you. If i were in your country, id run you over with a car and twist your head off :D OH YEA tip for you: GO FUCKING FAP TO PORN.

Question: Are you are deeply affected by this post, you are feeling sore and you feel like punching my face?
Yes? READ THE RED CAUTIONARY SIGNS IDIOT, AND THEN GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A PENCIL IN THE NOSE. I didn't force you to read this post so bugger off ^^

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recent Recently...

Been busy afking at Skullic AT recently, haven't been out much for raids and such and also tired from my life commitments.

Recent Happenings:

Selva - Expert-ed
Elementalist - Expert-ed

Reckless Emilia - Experting Soon (24.2% more)

Currently Training:

Reckless Emilia
Hellena (Stance Training)

My Wish/Buy list:

Elite Le Blac (Elementalist)
Black Bishop (2x)
Master Elementalist (w/ OA/OM)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Cautionary Warning:
If you are prone to trolling, please do not continue to read this post. You are reading at your own risk.


We were just afking peacefully in Zone 1 of IOF, suddenly some retard out of nowhere comes in and ks-es my friend with a jack-ele(?)-scout, and built turrets around my friend. Which is extremely entertaining to watch since he wasn't ksing us much our exp gain was not affected, but yet looking at such a retard trying with such effort to ks by build turrets around him. So, we just continued to laugh at such amusement until my ETR hit 84 (which we would then proceed to change spots).

Oh look! Its a KSer.

After i was done leveling my etr, i wanted to speak with him. NO KSER GOES UN PUNISHED!
No reply. So.... count to 10! and... BOMBS AWAY!

Have a vald my friend! But not a desired effect of screaming death and all... so...........

First, his chars got killed then he started running..... ))):

When i asked if he needed help.. HE SCOLDED ME ):
I just wanted to be his friend, he told me to "smd" probably (Suck My Dic*), but he kept running refusing to let me get close ):

Since he didnt want playboy playmate(thora) , i give him fat girl (vald), and he seemed too like it alot.

After a while, i got bored of him running from the thora, so i just summoned valds for him to play with, its was super amusing to see him constantly building up new turrets to replace the old ones that got busted by the valds, it amazingly continued for around 7-8 spinelles, when each spinelle got low on HP, i would walk over and summoned a new one. Finally when we got bored of the show, i summoned a thora, but he ran again, this time far far away... so we got bored and went to Skullic AT and gave him 1 last msg..

Guess he didnt want to show me that he didnt have a dick or too small ):

A before hand notice to ppl interested to flame on my comments:
If your interested to flame in my blog, i urge u not to, u read at ur own risk; so fuck off if ur pissed, i told u not to read asshole and go fuck yourself with a pencil. Thank you.