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Friday, May 28, 2010

Colony war

Yes, yet another overdue post.. this post was suppose to be up around 5 days ago. Busy with life issues as usual, so.... here goes:

Sunday's war was the usual with us trying to help symbols fiend off breakers outside the colony entrance to help them buy off some time. Nevertheless, we had our own agenda which was random roaming and killing. We only had 1 epic fight (as seen on ss below), which involved us fully buffed as well as them, thus we could fight on even grounds even though we were severely out numbered.

It was all good fight with us 3 (Maki, Fuhren, Me) and 1 or 2 Vanira members within the map, we were fully buffed thus we were able to withstand a larger amount of families for a longer period of time. Until....

the horde came and we got mobbed and died ):
Oh well, it was a good war though, although we had alot of trouble fighting a large number of families at one time, still we had a heap of fun. (Except certain airheads which trashtalk and yet are not capable of backing up their trash, trash they are indeed).. I shall not elaborate on this issue since it has been "settled and forgotten". Going to look forward to this week's war, hopefully i can finish work in time for colony war at home, i dont want to head over to icafe although my work place is near icafe haha. Reset is always full of surprises, what will this week's colony rest hold?

Regarding the free name change,
i forsee a huge number of imposters? maybe? haha who knows... but im not going to change my name lolx. Wont be used to seeing myself as another family name. But maybe i might change my mule's names haha.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Malicious "Free Translator"

Anyone ever tried Bebel's "Free" Translator, it infects your pc with a annoying search directing site called "askjohnny.com" or something, and normal uninstallation does not work, it still constantly come and fuckup your internet programs.

This is what ive google-ed up and found that the method of deleting all extension folders in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Extension" worked for me. Deleting cookies in my firefox only stopped it temporary and when i started a new instance it didnt work anymore and got worst. I also used Revo Uninstaller to remove any traces of the program left, also doing a manual check on my own C:\Program Files and remove any folders or files that are related to that fucktard crapware. So far it has worked for me and the site has not appeared. (It usually appears repeatedly when i start a new instance of firefox or just turned on my laptop).

For other ways you can try:

This is a firefox support forum regarding this problem, hope it helps.

Hope this has helped those who have been infected by this wretched program.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Botters Needed for Interview!

Screenshot taken a long time ago on my old laptop.

Interview candidate requirements:
  • Must have been to jail more than once
  • Must constantly be using "auto-skill, auto-run, auto-pot etc"
  • Uses catherine(summoner) and jack using building macros
This is a totally curious-based queries that i have been wondering for quite some time.
Here goes:

1. Using auto-whatever, that entitles jail time and reports, doesnt it feel very uneasy or anxious to come home to find yourself in jail?

2. When using running-ai or what-so-ever that runs around ks-ing others, how or what do you feel?

3. How does it feel to be called a "botter" and flamed in forums as well as in other aspects in game?

4. How does it feel to be stalked by the anti-botter community (i am one) out there and constantly fear of being jailed?

5. How does it feel to click on 100s of rats?

6. Do you actually realized that musk on FL>cath bots at ks-ing aspects?

Well, imo using auto-(whatever) that entitles jail-time or disrupts training of other families.. it is unforgivable and i report/ks and now... KILL ^___^
Using such auto-skill/running ai, if used at its own is fine i guess? but when it is disrupting or used as a tool to ks, it shows how low and unrespectable person he/she is and should be killed.

I hate running AI and bot-ksers.

What the blah.

What the blaaah?

Stressed! Doing up proposal for tomorrow afternoon, its 6am. Im still blogging and... im still halfway done, omfg irstressed i wonder if i am even able to wakeup for tomorrow's meeting. Oh well, WHAT THE BLAAAAH.

I will be coming back from my Haitus around the end of the month for a short period of 1 month to finish up my project ania as well as random afk and attempt to train my family level to 48+3 which is my ideal and dream family level.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My new laptop GFX

Ive just gotten my new ACER Aspire 4740G (Thanks mum for like once).

Intel Core i3 330M (2.13GHz, 3MB L3 cache)
NVIDIA GeForce 310M (Up to 1279MB TurboCache)
2GB Ram
14" LCD
Windows 7

Awesome, finally i get a upgrade from my old laptop (which actually still works) its been around 4 years for my old laptop which is running a Intel Core 2 at 2.0GHz and lowsy graphics card. Finally now i can run GE on high gfx settings and not feel the lag, but ive still set my texture on second. Here are few screenshots of me doing infiltration which i have not done in ages and arsene on my new laptop. Finally i am able to see circus skills since i have reinstalled the 4.5 full client. Screenies below; which was taken from a 4man-fighter arsene (1 female actually).

Fighter Arsene Screenshots

Monday, May 17, 2010



Cautionary Warning:

If you are prone to flaring at flames & rants, please do not continue to read this post. You are reading at your own risk.

Flappers, Enlarged ePeeners & Over sized E-ego maniacs

My opinion on the above (title) goes, firstly..

In games, usually some one who has bragging rights would be some one thats extremely strong in game or has some item/point to boast about. Either those or the has some supreme point of which is superior to others. Although having items that are boastful, there are still limitations of boasting; example, if you have a extremely good/strong weapon but you are still unable to kill the person you are trash talking/boasting to, YOUR BOAST IS MOOT.
Additionally, if you boast about something and yet you are unable to carry out your boast and hide like some chicken, YOUR BOAST IS MOOT. I deem you a flapper!

Either you are moot/flapper or you are an idiot, unless you already are an idiot to begin with. (Like me)

Having top-grade weapons/armors does give you bragging rights, but bragging and trashtalking? that only makes you a respectable wussie douchebag. UNLESS you are able to brag and trashtalk and carry out your brag without fail, then you are just a douchebag. Having those items DOESN'T mean you must brag, there are strong players in sGE that have top-grade armors/weapons but has never said a single word about being strong and "top" but when you step on their toes... you get a great refreshing feeling of "getting pawned".

Recently there has been an event of someone saying "Round 2?" to one of my friend, question:

1stly he's alone in the sea of red, 2ndly if you HAD the balls, you would have asked him for a 1v1 instead of flapping and hiding in your horde. Ah yes, a well known player whats his name? Tllaber? Sorry cant spell your IGN. So what if you have a constellation thats attack+human?
You'll just end up another dickbag which others will go "OH THAT RETARD WITH XXX", yes you will be well-known indeed, for you "XXX" and being a retard. Make better use of your mouth and brain kiddo, if you want to brag and trash talk others proof yourself first yes?
When others take up your challenge, dont cower up and hide like a chicken wuss. (Sorry for insulting chickens, they are tasty). If you lose to the challenge, lose like a winner and a man. If you are unable to deliver what you've spoken or did not mean what you've said, apologize kid, do you know manners?

[3:54:22 AM] Junyuan: constellation weapons: a sparkly scepter of beaming hope and strength also know as the holy grail when held on by an idiot, he becomes x100 imba and is not afraid of anything (ps. in the mind only). <- Constellations for idiots.

Thirdly.. Many people THINK that their in-game personality is not equivalent to their irl (in real life) personalities, sadly i think it is. Imagine someone who trash talks alot in a game and shows no respect/manners to others, your first impression of meeting him in life? Wont it be the same? Even if it isnt, im sure this point will definitely stop you from wanting to meet him. Who would want to meet a snotty, egoistic, pompous, rude and unrespecting person. Even if your personality in game and outside of it is different, it still makes a huge impact on how someone sees you in life KNOWING your in game personality.

Lastly.. Tllbar or whatever your name is. Round 2.. with me? or with Teroh?
Teroh is Crackspada protected.
If you dont have the guts to, maybe you should.. err... STFU?

A before hand notice to ppl interested to flame on my comments:
If your interested to flame in my blog, i urge u not to, u read at ur own risk; so fuck off if ur pissed, i told u not to read asshole. Also go fuck your nose with a pencil, Thank you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My first crackspada war.... (liek 2 weeks ago)

My First War with Crackspada

My first war with crackspada, although it was suppose to be posted 2 weeks ago but i've been busy all week and had been down with food poisoning for 3 days. Haven't been online much and have been sleeping like a dead person for 2-3 days. I think im leaving earth and joining the underworld soon if i continue this rate of sleeping. Anyway... the screenies i took....

And: SHAKYSPEARE STOP COPYING MY KUKUTEAM OF 2 ROMINAS AND 1 SCOUT!!!111! lolol. You are a suck! First you say that im using a kuku team now you copy me!!! lol. you suckkk dieeee! ahahahaha.

Basically the summary of the war: L A G, massive families warping in together = epic lag storm.
Anyway as colony war progressed lesser and lesser person were left due to unforseen circumstances. Delkhaze was first to leave due to epic lag and hang time on her side, second to go down was Alfender with her laptop overheating, third to go down was Raphanel which was distracted by other stuff and went to surf the net and left her characters afk in town.

My laptop also overheated and i was pvping with my crummy touchpad. Bah. The lag was horrible but i had my share of fun. Havent joined colony war for a long period of time and am now very out of touch of sGE, took sometime to get use to the controls.

NurseJoy be awesome.

I have just been notified that maki is gay.

My Opinions on the Dragonic Weapons:
[ABS] Dragonic Weapons have arrived!
10 May 2010

The long awaited weapons are here in SGE! It will be released in ABS from 14 May to 21 May 2010. These weapons will be the top loots of the ABS table. To whet your appetite further, take a look at the pictures below:

(Pictures at http://ge.iahgames.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=1397)

Well, its another IAH milking scheme! Limited to 7 days! Firstly, ive pretty much left sGE as a retired player who refuses to spend anymore (until further notice).

Well the release of these 32AR weapons with fire element damages, will probably cause the market to crash even further. I believe that when IMC released these weapons in GE in other countries it is to help bridge the distance between newer players and current players. Apperently when its released in sGE, it seperates the line between paying class players and casual players even more. The paytards would spam their cash trying to get this 32ar dragon series weapon, since its only limited for 7 days i would stir up some crazy-rage to get it.
Way to go IAH, milk the players more! lolx.

Market for weapons will now crash due to the ability to gain better-than-serpent/chess-weapons via ABS. In sGE, invest on weapons is sufficient having good armor is moot since weapons are so much easier to obtain and can be easily obtain by spending large sums of cash on Gpoints or RMT.

Thank goodness ive left my paytard days behind and is now spending my money on buying non-pixelated things.

Hmm, i need to trade off some of my items for a new laptop :/

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cab Stealing Asstards Much?

Scene: I was waiting on a stretch of road on the side of the road which was clear of obsticles; which meant you can see clearly infront and behind along the side of the road.

Scenario: Random girl pops out infront around 30 meters infront, looks around (sees you). *Cab Comes* she flags and boards it.

Part 2: Another person pops out infront, saw me and stole my cab as well.

Part 3: Lastly a guy pops out infront, this guy was even nearer compared to the rest of the above, he definately saw me, and stole my cab as well.

What i think: Assholes they are, being infront dosent mean you are entitled to steal other's cabbies. Stop being selfish dickheads, everyone's waiting if you are an inconsiderate, selfish, manner-less dirt id advise you to kill yourself or go back home and learn some manners. How would YOU feel if other people stole your cab? Angry? Yes? Okay then go fuck yourself than! ^^ since you dont like others to do it to you, dont do it to others savvy?

In this country, people lack manners. There are very few people around in Singapore that say "thank you" "sorry" "excuse me" when you purchase something, get helped or bump into you. What happen to our society? The only time which i encounter from a cab incident is when a lady actually asked me if she could get a cab infront of me since she was rushing for work, which i gladly obliged. Manners! If you definately needed it more than me, why not? If i SAW you waiting for a cab before me and your indeed standing behind me, id NOT flag or walk down the side of the road behind you, cause im sure YOU'd hate it if someone stole your cab cause i can understand because I HATE IT, so i wont do it to you. If you didnt see others hailing a cab before you while standing behing you, its fine but stealing infront your face. heh.