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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dr Torsche's Basement Raid

Dr Torsche's Basement!


Basically, to start the raid: Minimum of 2 Maximum of 4.

Overview of the whole raid

Running into the first room

The second room

Yes, this is the amount of mobs that will be attacking you if you are at the middle of the room, the whole raid is lifeless be it mobs or boss. Each mob killed will drop a stone.

As you advance into each room, it gets harder and harder the mobs hit harder as well as has more amount of health.

This room, the 6th is the HARDEST of all rooms. You will be knocked back every few seconds or even consecutively for 2-3 times in a row. The AOEs HURT alot and your will not be able to cast any spells except instant cast ones.

The Last Room.

In this room, the most annoying thing is armor crasher which is very constantly affects your characters. Each time you get armor crashed, you will definitely die. The mob attack damage is quite high unless your are wearing ELNs, get ready your resuscitation potions.

Recommended armor for this raid would be at least LN and above, and hrins is a must!!

We managed to clear all 7 rooms, but apparently the warp that was suppose to appear on the 7th room did not appear due to a bug? Going to try again soon when im free from my work and part time study schedules.

Been busy and lots of screenshots have been stacking up in my SS folder, will back-date blog about them when im free!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remote Blog!

Im blogging from my CCNA class, which im actually not suppose to -.- haha.

Mmm, boring class epic dryness. The more the merrier, but when too many are on the merry-go-round and it spins! EVERYONE FLIES lololol. Epic.

Some people change, really fast.
I wonder if they know it, maybe not, maybe so, maybe i just don't give a blazing fuck. Oh yes, I don't.

GE Be Srs Bsn

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


[v4.5] If you think you seen it all...
17 Aug 2010

Yes, the highly anticipated Catherine Torsche will make her first appearance in the game after 19 August 2010 maintenance!

With this, TeamGE has came up with an absolutely must-grab package to get you ready for Human Catherine Torsche!

From 17 ~ 19 August, the following package will be up for grabs in
Hellena's Circus of Fate at a limited quantity.

- 2 X Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1 Day)
- 3 X Combat Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 3 X Tactics Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 1 X Shelter Pass (1 Day)
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Veteran
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Expert
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Master
- 1 X Home Premium Service - Expert (7 Days)
- 3 X Rose Wings (7 Days)
- 100 X Pet Food

All the above items for only 30 Tokens! (While Stocks Last)


1. Items will be inserted on 19 August 2010, during maintenance.
2. Please remember to CLAIM the item marker into your account before the date of insertion.
3. All package items can be claimed from Leonardo after maintenance.


Finally, the long wait is over. Catherine Torsche is finally released! Too bad Thursday I have work till late :/ going to rush home to get my own Catherine Torsche!!! And hopefully i can get 2, hopefully its tradable without usage of merc. Ive already sent [CM] Lorenza in FB a PM.

Catherine Torsche's Stats


Catherine Torsche's Recruitment Quest


Good luck everyone getting your own catherine torsche!

Hope its tradable :/

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lorenza's 1000 Follower Blog


Finally her blog has reached 1000 followers, \o/ yay for the 100% exp boost!