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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


[v4.5] If you think you seen it all...
17 Aug 2010

Yes, the highly anticipated Catherine Torsche will make her first appearance in the game after 19 August 2010 maintenance!

With this, TeamGE has came up with an absolutely must-grab package to get you ready for Human Catherine Torsche!

From 17 ~ 19 August, the following package will be up for grabs in
Hellena's Circus of Fate at a limited quantity.

- 2 X Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (1 Day)
- 3 X Combat Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 3 X Tactics Manual - Expert (1 Day)
- 1 X Shelter Pass (1 Day)
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Veteran
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Expert
- 1 X Promotion Scroll - Master
- 1 X Home Premium Service - Expert (7 Days)
- 3 X Rose Wings (7 Days)
- 100 X Pet Food

All the above items for only 30 Tokens! (While Stocks Last)


1. Items will be inserted on 19 August 2010, during maintenance.
2. Please remember to CLAIM the item marker into your account before the date of insertion.
3. All package items can be claimed from Leonardo after maintenance.


Finally, the long wait is over. Catherine Torsche is finally released! Too bad Thursday I have work till late :/ going to rush home to get my own Catherine Torsche!!! And hopefully i can get 2, hopefully its tradable without usage of merc. Ive already sent [CM] Lorenza in FB a PM.

Catherine Torsche's Stats


Catherine Torsche's Recruitment Quest


Good luck everyone getting your own catherine torsche!

Hope its tradable :/


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