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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Castilla Relic

Castilla Ruin (1.5) & Castilla Relic
(Castilla Raid w/ Faction)

The most top and most bottom warps will lead you to Castilla Relics, the middle warp will lead you to King Henry which will spawn within a time-frame (not going to disclose timing).
To access each warp you will need 1x Ancient Relic, and the warp to King Henry will require 5x Ancient Relic.

To enter Castilla Relic mission, you will require 1x Ancient Gold Relic.

1st Boss: Diablo, when its hp is around half or so, it will split into 3 mini diablos that are immune to any damage for around 2-3 minutes. The mini diablo's damage is quite high.

The trap rooms, there will the bolts firing from both sides. All you need to do is to run through.
There will be around 3 similar rooms after each boss.

2nd boss: Lava Leaf.

3rd Boss, I believe one of the few tempest "generals". He will summon alot of mobs during the boss attack. The mob knockback rate is extremely high, so clearing the mobs will be a good idea. This boss drops Roulette Box.

I got pawnt (rofl)

4th Boss, This boss drops normal loots.

5th Boss, This Boss drops Roulette Box.

6th Boss, Nana. Drops normal loots, this boss will be abit of a challenge because of her size. She is the size of a normal character and there will be mobs around so targetting her might be a problem.

After killing her, next boss will be Tempest.

The Cut-Scene

This is tempest's AOE, once it starts walking away it will cast this aoe. It kills 3/4 of the squad and is the strongest and biggest aoe of his.

As the fighting Tempest, he will summon his "generals", and his "generals" will summon mobs to attack you as the same as before when fighting him before tempest.

He will constantly summon all this generals to attack you periodically.

After killing him. Yes, I fricking got a damm summon bear walker ring. -.-

I have temple screenshots, I will post sometime later when im less busy with work.


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