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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Brainless People

Brainless People, I REALLY Dont Understand....


The next few lines are extremly insulting please exercise caution and if you are unable to take extremly prejudice comments, i urge you not to read on even if you are curious as what i have concluded.

Yes, I Woke up at 7am to see this shit.

#1. Woke up at 7am to collect cards, I see someone asking for squad (normal), but hey whats that guy doing in a corner ks-ing?

#2. At the side? I dont THINK SO? If your at the side, I wont be ABLE to see you, and sorry, my partner just being in the middle at THAT point of TIME dosent mean she's parked AT the middle, melee FYI, they move about.

#3. ANOTHER FYI, you dont need a squad leader to invite, so DONT bullshit me.

#4. ANOTHER FYI, Leynthall is a GIRL.

#5. ANOTHER FYI, Leynthall is MY GF, you ks her... you die.. really...really...really.. badly.

#6. You hiding in a corner attempting to ks WONT EVER get you a place in the squad.

#7. When its 7am AND your ks-ing my girlfriend; when i say "good luck", its nothing good.

#8. When its 7am, I AM VERY GRUMPY.

#9. Last informative sentence, WE hate ks-ers, I will KILL YOU.

If your so interested in a squad, you can pm/white chat to ask THEN wait for a response; no response? IM FUCKING AFK, you KS me AND BULLSHIT ME...? You will either receive:
a) death by miniboss
b) triple flints shooting yo' mobs
c) santa clause hitting your face with a sack
d) spines (oh yes i have ALOT, trust me you dont want to try)
e) you'll find a community of people trolling you

And yes, the following person on the stated above screenshot has recieved a purple heart from a). I mourn for your death sir.

And yes this is a rage post.

A before hand notice to ppl interested to flame on my comments:
If your interested to flame in my blog, i urge u not to, u read at ur own risk; so fuck off if ur pissed, i told u not to read asshole. Thank you.


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