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Monday, September 27, 2010

Updates: 27/9/2010

Current Status of Winchesterx Family:

All my current projects have been hang back due to financial constrains, I have been unable to top-up to enter sacred chaos requiem for approx 2 months till date. I have been only been able to invest on daily Pet Bonding Packages and a single Home Premium Service (Average) for 2nd month now. All my current projects are currently suspended and will be camping within S-AT till probably the end of October.

Reason why: My boss took 3 months of my pay and spent it for himself. I have yet to receive full payment from him yet, thus I will be staying out of SCR and from spending excessive GP at the moment.

Currently I will be training my level 100s to Vet 10, also boosting family level as well as bringing up the average character levels in my barracks.

Updating Temp Project: Vet 10s (Until HPS Ends)
HPS Status: 22days.
GP Current Count: 9,270
(by next war, I probably wont be able to afford wings)
Family Level Status: 43%
Target: 51 (Base Family Level)

Currently, Each 100 to Vet 10 gives only 2-3% of Family Level, I wont be able to Level up to 51 by the end of my HPS, will probably have to continue when i go into SCR. /rant

Hitting 51 is hella hard. Man I have no idea how others do it. =_=


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